Thursday, January 20, 2011

new plans for posh frock friday

First, how amazing are these ASOS dresses?? I'm very obsessed with this style -- short a-line black mini dresses with sheer, billowy long sleeves. I still haven't found one that's simultaneously cheap enough to please my wallet and wide enough to encase my hips, but the search goes on..

Anyway -- posh frock friday news! If you want to participate, I'm going to have a post up with the link widget every single Friday now, not just the last Friday of the month. You can get dressed up every Friday, one Friday, two Fridays, whatever floats your boat! What's especially neat is that if you just discover PFF for the first time, you don't need to wait a whole month to participate.. you can join in the very next week! :D

I might not get dressed every Friday myself - I have a feeling that pretty soon I'll have my fair share of colds and viruses that will keep me out of my fancy duds and in flannel pj's for a good portion of the month (February is never very kind to my immune system) - but I'll always have some sort of PFF themed post, and I'll always have the link widget there if you want to add your post!

Of course, this means now that Posh Frock Friday is tomorrow! So if you feel like getting all dolled up, please join in! :D

ps. Not familiar with Posh Frock Friday? Here's my original post to clue you in :)