Sunday, January 23, 2011

sunday funnies

I saw this comic on tumblr this week but by the time it got to my dashboard, there was no link back to the original artist (I'm just assuming there was one originally and it got deleted along the way, but I could be wrong) and the image that was circulating was small & kind of blurry, so I couldn't make out the credit in the corner... So I searched for Edgar Allen Pooh on google & found the original. It's from Bizarro Blog, and it's probably now one of my favorite puns EVER. I'm a big fan of both Pooh and Poe, so I find it absolutely hilarious!

While I was blog-surfing today (is that a term? it should be!) I came across a post on My Moving Finger Writes featuring a video of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" with the lyrics re-written to tell the history of the French Revolution. It's by The History Teachers .. I ended up getting sucked into their youtube channel and found this absolutely wonderful take on Marianne Faithfull's As Tears Go By, with the lyrics re-written to tell the story of the Hundred Years War:

Totally amazing, right?!? I know it's not technically "funny" but, well, neither is Nancy, and she gets included on the comics page every day, so I rest my case ;-D