Friday, January 14, 2011

don't get around much anymore

It's not very glamourous, but this is my ideal night. Cozy on my couch with my cat, watching one of my favorite tv shows (or movies) with grapefruit juice. Hypatia's actually been under the weather again ("when is she not?", you're probably thinking .. I know, she's a hot mess!) and a trip to the vet today confirmed that she has a bladder infection :( At least now she has medicine in her system and should be back to normal soon! I'm just a little down because she was finally starting to look fluffy again after I had her shaved last year, and now all the fur on her back legs is patchy and thinning from her licking too much.

I know it's TMI.. sorry! A family friend stopped over our house today with her baby boy, and I had to try REALLY hard to suppress the urge to respond to all of her baby stories with similar stories about my cats. Sometimes "crazy cat lady" isn't having too many cats, it's taking the few you do have wayyyy too seriously lol! ;-D

ps. If you saw me tweeting about my new tv, this isn't it. I took the photo a few days ago before the new one got here :) Pictures will be up after I cover it in contact paper! Oh yes.