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bells are ringing

A hot debate is currently raging in my mind as to whether or not I will wear this pretty dark green lace bell-sleeved dress on Christmas or go the cozy route and stay in pajamas all day. It's a tough call since I always want to look picture-perfect and it's so rare that I have a real opportunity to play dress up (other than "I can do what I want and today I'm wearing a cocktail dress to shop for groceries!" lol!) but I also feel a real tug to play it comfy and sit on the floor in pjs sipping hot cocoa.

Either way, I did wear this dress this weekend (like I said, you don't need a real reason to play dress-up!) and I felt so festive and fancy! Oh, and it's 40% off today only over at Modcloth if you spend $100 or more. I have been pretty good at curbing my spending lately but I have my eye on this sweatshirt, this dress, this dress, this dress, and this dress. It's so hard to resist when the dresses are already super on sale and the 40% off brings them down to about $20 each! I feel like it's actually responsible of me to buy them when they're discounted so much, right? ;)

Oh, Christmas Trees

As usual I have way too many Christmas trees considering the small amount of space I have (but I love it!!) so I thought I'd post a little round-up and show you guys ALL OF THEM! I only have one tree that didn't make it out of the Christmas buckets this year, and that's my beloved lilac tree (you can see it in my 2012 decorations post here.) It's still in tact (although the years are starting to show on it a bit) but I just couldn't find a spot for it this time around.

My main tree is this 6' silver tree with multi-colored lights. I originally got a full-sized one of these at Target two years ago, but it was so huge and as much as I wanted to make it work it just didn't fit in my little room. But then last year they had the same exact tree in a more narrow size so I immediately snatched it up. This is the PERFECT size for my space and it makes me happy every time I look at it :) This tree is filled with my grandmom's vintage ornaments, mixed in with some vintage-looking ornaments that I've picked up at Target over the last few years.

2018 is the year I decided that I can put full size ornaments on mini trees and I'm very happy with that decision. I put some of my extra deer that didn't fit on the main tree on this little pink one and I love how it looks! Also I used these battery-operated twinkle lights on basically every tree (except the big one) and I adore them! They have a six hour timer built in so I don't need to go around and turn all the trees on at dusk :)

This tree houses all of my Frank Sinatra ornaments! (Someone on instagram called it a SinaTREE and I LOVE THAT!) I collected these for years until they stopped making them around 2014. If you're a Sinatra fan you can still find the old ones pretty cheap on ebay!

Even with photoshop I couldn't quite get the color right on this tree. It's a pretty antique gold color (not as intensely yellow as it appears here) and I have it decorated with my mini-vintage inspired ornaments from Anthropologie. I also recently got that little Merry Christmas tree topper and it really pulled it all together!

This year I decided to add some seasonal touches to my Middle Ages/Black Death shelf, including a pink tree with some Black Death elements like little black rats and skeletons. I just picked up some Halloween party favors and added ornament hooks or wire. I know it's super weird and creepy but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This tiny aqua tree was in the Dollar Spot at Target this year for $3. Me and my mom both treated ourselves to $10 shopping sprees at Target a few weeks back and this was part of my haul. Even $10 can get you pretty far at Target if you shop smart ;) I just love the color, it's not quite green and not quite blue.

This is another unusual color -- kind of a very light red/sort of pink. It's just so pretty! This tree houses all of my old deer ornaments that I got at Target about 5 years ago. They're all missing antlers or legs at this point since they are very delicate and I didn't start taking good care of my decorations until recently (probably when I noticed these were all missing antlers or legs!)

This tree is so teensy, only like 12" tall! And it's my oldest tree. I've had this one ever since I started decorating my childhood bedroom when I was in my early 20's.

I've always loved these trees and I finally have one of my own. When I showed my mom recently she said that my Great Aunt Annie (longtime readers might remember her!) had one of these in her house when my mom was growing up, but my grandmom didn't save it when they sold her house :( I would have loved to have that so much, but at least this one will always remind me of my Aunt Annie now!

Finally I have this large pink bottle brush tree. And that makes 10 trees in total! If only I had room for more, lol! ;D

DIY pom-pom snow window hanging

This DIY has been on my to-do list for seven years. I'm not even exaggerating, I got the idea when I was on a trip to Disney World in 2011. I finally bought the supplies to make this *three* years ago. And after shuffling the materials between drawers, I finally did it this week! Phew!

So, in 2011 when I was at Disney I saw a window display with fake snowballs made out of pom-poms and started brainstorming a way to make it myself as a holiday decoration. I'm so happy with how this came out and (like a lot of my holiday decorations) I've been staring at it wondering if it'll work all year long because I don't know if I can bring myself to ever take it down!

Materials needed:

- white pom-poms (the larger size was easier to thread)
- white yarn
- 2 wooden dowels
- a large plastic needle

Before you start, measure the height of the window where you want to hang the garland.  Then cut strips of yarn to fit the window. I varied the length of my pieces so that they aren't all the same. I think it looks more like snow and less like a curtain that way.

Tie a piece of yarn to the dowel with a double-knot and then thread your needle. Start threading pom poms until you reach the end of the yarn, and double-knot again. Then slide your last pom-pom down to the knot. I kept a lot of space between my pom-poms and mixed up the spacing so that it looked like snow. You can move the balls on the yarn, so once you hang up the display you can still adjust them and fiddle around with the spacing until it looks exactly the way you like :)

I did six strands of yarn on one dowel and five on the other (to make room for my hanging plants) To hang up the pom-poms just place the dowel over your curtain rod until it's weight is counter-balanced with the pom-poms in the front. Alternately, you could always do one strand at a time and tape them up or hang them with command strips instead of using the dowels.

This came out exactly how I envisioned it, and now I have a little Disney-style magic in my office! :)

nepotism and holiday shopping!

My dad has owned a small mail-order music t-shirt company since the late 1970's, and since times are tough right now I thought I'd try to help him out a bit! He had a huge setback this year when his web host suddenly went out of business without notice, so we had to quickly move the whole site over to Shopify and his sales have really stalled out ever since that happened. If anyone on your Christmas list is a music lover (or movie lover -- he has some movie shirts, too!) this is the perfect gift! He has merchandise on hundreds of bands, everyone from The Smiths to The Killers, from Radiohead to The Spice Girls. If you like them, my dad probably sells their shirts. And he's still running his Black Friday sale, so you can get 10% off with code "108" (It's a Lost reference, if you're curious!)

And if you're a giant fan of The Killers like I am, he has a lot of their designs in the shop right here. This is the one pictured above. (Sidenote - thank you to my dad for supplying me with an endless supply of band tees for whatever band/artist I'm currently obsessed with since I was like 5 years old!)

And now it's my mom's turn! ;D My mom runs a little etsy shop called Baubles Bangles and Beans, where she sells handmade earrings. She sells two kinds -- coffee bean earrings, made with real fair trade coffee beans, and "extreme decaf" earrings, which are similar to her coffee bean style, but without the coffee! My mom is so cute, it's ridiculous... I am not exaggerating in the least bit when I say that each time she's made a sale she's positively GIDDY with excitement. She usually has the order packed up and ready to go within like 10 minutes because she's so excited that she made a sale. It's so adorable! And this year she's 4 sales short of hitting her annual goal of 12 sales per year. If you help her reach that goal it will literally MAKE HER YEAR.

So if you have a coffee addict on your Christmas list, this is a pretty cool gift, right?! She offers free shipping on all orders, no coupon necessary (and you know you'll get it for Christmas since she ships it within like 10 seconds of your order, lol)

If you order from either of my parents and mention me or my blog in the notes section, I'll be sure to throw in some goodies from my shop as well, as a huge THANK YOU for supporting my little family of weirdos :)

And last but not least, a shout-out to my brother's burgeoning company, Welsh Knight, where he sells travel pillowcases. I love this idea so, so, so much! I have very sensitive skin so the idea of having my own pillowcase with me when I'm on the go is a dream come true. I used to take one of my own pillowcases from home, but honestly half the time I ended up leaving it at the hotel by accident and that's unacceptable when you've built a very curated collection of vintage-floral linens. Now I take one of my brother's travel pillowcases and I don't have to worry all that much if I accidentally leave it in Disney World ;) This is SUCH a perfect gift for someone you know who loves to travel! You can check out his pillowcases right here. (I can't guarantee he'll let me know if you leave a note saying I sent you, but it's worth a try!)

wishlist wednesday

1. Metallic open back top
2. Silver ankle strap flats
3. Vintage chainmail pouch
4. Chainmail earrings
5. Metallic silver waist belt
6. Lock and key charm bracelet
7. Knight in armor ring
8. Metallic silver wellies
9. Star drop earrings
10. Silver crown ring
11. Puff sleeve silver dress

When I saw this dress this morning I knew my wishlist wednesday post needed to have a space age-meets middle ages theme. I had so much fun putting this one together! :)

Style Idol - Sandra Dee

whistle while you work

I've been working at the mall for two weeks now and I actually really enjoy it now! I was so nervous talking to customers at first, but I'm surprised how quickly it started feeling normal. I know it's just a temporary cashier position but I really, really hope that they'll keep me on after the holidays. My shop is still doing pretty terrible and I'm so nervous that if I lose this job, too, I'll have a really tough time paying my bills next year. Although at the very least, even if I'm let go after Christmas, I have some valuable experience in sales now that I'd be able to put on my resume! :)

The only thing I don't like about having an out-of-the-house job is that I get less time with Arrietty. I've been a stay-at-home-cat-mom ever since I got her and she misses me so much when I'm gone! When I get home she almost knocks me over and starts licking me like a dog. Right now she's sleeping on the seat next to me and I'm appreciating it more than ever 💕

dress - sammi's poshmark shop | cardigan - forever 21
brooch - vintage | shoes - bait footwear

un deux trois

I've been having such a rough week, I honestly don't really feel much like writing something to go with these pictures. So I think I'm just going to break down the outfit details today and leave it at that. I'll still let you know at the end which outfit was my favorite though :)

Remixed item: Lazy Oaf heart sweater

Remixed item: Lazy Oaf heart sweater

Skirt: ASOS (old)
Shoes: Bait Footwear

Remixed item: Lazy Oaf heart sweater

Dress: Amazon
Shoes: Aldo

Remixed item: Lazy Oaf heart sweater

Skirt: Lazy Oaf (old)
Shoes: Bait Footwear

Did you guess which one was my favorite? It was the first one, with the black boots!

plant propagation progress

Back in September I wrote a post about my plants, and there was this one that I had snipped off of another plant and attempted to get it to take root in water. I promised I would report back if it turned into a real plant and today is that day!! I dutifully kept changing the water once a week, rotating its exposure to the sun, and after about a month I moved it into a glass with a wider mouth. And then finally, this week, I planted it in soil!

Can you believe how beautiful it looks?! Look at all the new little buds! I can't believe that this actually worked, but now I'm so excited to try it again with some of my other plants whose pots are getting overcrowded with new growth.

This is going to be my first winter taking care of live plants and I can already tell that they need more water each week and some of them are looking a little droopier than they were in the bright summer sun. I hope they all make it through the cold dreary months okay. I'll definitely post another update on all of my plants as soon as spring is here again! :)

don't sweat it

If you've been following me for a while then you know that I get VERY excited when dresses are made out of sweatshirt fabric. I've only found two (well, now three) fit-and-flare dresses in this fabric and I love them SO MUCH!! It honestly feels like I'm lounging around in a sweatshirt and sweatpants but to the world I look like I'm all dressed up. It's literally the best feeling.

I had actually wanted to wear this with mint tights and a mint belt but I couldn't find the tights, so I went with blue which I ended up liking even more! And I didn't want to break up the color on my legs so I just decided to rock Cinderella style and wear some clear heels!

dress - asos | tights - amazon | shoes - asos

Style Idol - Barbra Streisand

walking in a winter wonderland

I hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend! Mine was really nice. Me and my mom packed up a lot of my Black Friday sale orders, and on Saturday night I caught up on episodes of The Good Place with my parents while working on some drawings on my ipad (including this My Favorite Murder button set!) And then last night I called it a night early and got cozy in bed with Arrietty and read for a little bit.

My sale in my shop ends tonight (code "MISTLETOE" for 30% off!) plus I have a special bonus offer on instagram and facebook so if you aren't already following me there now would be a good time to hop on! ;)

Also Modcloth is offering 40% off all $150+ orders for Cyber Monday (including sale items!) like this winter scene skirt and sweater. I am so obsessed with this skirt. The print is adorable (as someone from a Christian/Jewish family I love that there are people carrying both Christmas trees and menorahs!), it has belt loops built in, and it has a little elastic at the back so it fits like a glove. I'm definitely going to be wearing this a lot this winter!

belt - old | faux fur collar - h&m (old)