Monday, December 17, 2018

christmas lights

How cute is this sweater?! I wore this when I went over my grandmom's to decorate her tree. She doesn't really like to do it herself, so several years ago she started "bribing" me and my brother with a dinner out in exchange for doing the tree. She constantly refers to it as a bribe even though me and Kyle look forward to this new tradition every year now, and would happily do it even if food wasn't involved, lol. My mom and dad aren't allowed to see her tree until Christmas Day, not even photos! We always try to do something a little bit different each year so that it's a fun surprise when they finally see it on Christmas. I don't think my parents read my blog (if you are -- stop reading right now!!) so I think it's okay if I tell you that this year we put the garland on in diagonal instead of horizontal rows and it looks so pretty! We did tinsel garland first and then put rows of red beaded garland in between and it's just gorgeous! :)

ps. My shop is closing for the holidays tomorrow night, so now is your last chance to buy something before I close up until January :)