Thursday, December 6, 2018

nepotism and holiday shopping!

My dad has owned a small mail-order music t-shirt company since the late 1970's, and since times are tough right now I thought I'd try to help him out a bit! He had a huge setback this year when his web host suddenly went out of business without notice, so we had to quickly move the whole site over to Shopify and his sales have really stalled out ever since that happened. If anyone on your Christmas list is a music lover (or movie lover -- he has some movie shirts, too!) this is the perfect gift! He has merchandise on hundreds of bands, everyone from The Smiths to The Killers, from Radiohead to The Spice Girls. If you like them, my dad probably sells their shirts. And he's still running his Black Friday sale, so you can get 10% off with code "108" (It's a Lost reference, if you're curious!)

And if you're a giant fan of The Killers like I am, he has a lot of their designs in the shop right here. This is the one pictured above. (Sidenote - thank you to my dad for supplying me with an endless supply of band tees for whatever band/artist I'm currently obsessed with since I was like 5 years old!)

And now it's my mom's turn! ;D My mom runs a little etsy shop called Baubles Bangles and Beans, where she sells handmade earrings. She sells two kinds -- coffee bean earrings, made with real fair trade coffee beans, and "extreme decaf" earrings, which are similar to her coffee bean style, but without the coffee! My mom is so cute, it's ridiculous... I am not exaggerating in the least bit when I say that each time she's made a sale she's positively GIDDY with excitement. She usually has the order packed up and ready to go within like 10 minutes because she's so excited that she made a sale. It's so adorable! And this year she's 4 sales short of hitting her annual goal of 12 sales per year. If you help her reach that goal it will literally MAKE HER YEAR.

So if you have a coffee addict on your Christmas list, this is a pretty cool gift, right?! She offers free shipping on all orders, no coupon necessary (and you know you'll get it for Christmas since she ships it within like 10 seconds of your order, lol)

If you order from either of my parents and mention me or my blog in the notes section, I'll be sure to throw in some goodies from my shop as well, as a huge THANK YOU for supporting my little family of weirdos :)

And last but not least, a shout-out to my brother's burgeoning company, Welsh Knight, where he sells travel pillowcases. I love this idea so, so, so much! I have very sensitive skin so the idea of having my own pillowcase with me when I'm on the go is a dream come true. I used to take one of my own pillowcases from home, but honestly half the time I ended up leaving it at the hotel by accident and that's unacceptable when you've built a very curated collection of vintage-floral linens. Now I take one of my brother's travel pillowcases and I don't have to worry all that much if I accidentally leave it in Disney World ;) This is SUCH a perfect gift for someone you know who loves to travel! You can check out his pillowcases right here. (I can't guarantee he'll let me know if you leave a note saying I sent you, but it's worth a try!)