back to school

If I was still in school, I think this would be my First Day outfit this year. Did anyone else use to obsess over what they'd wear on the first day of school? All the way through 12th grade it was a big deal for me, and I can still picture what I wore most years. My favorite was probably fifth grade when I wore a black floral skort, a white heart-print shirt and a denim vest. I'm pretty sure this pencil-print dress would top them all if I was really headed to class today though. You can't beat an on-theme novelty print, in my opinion ;)

shoes - aldo | glassses - bonlook | tie - flapper girl


If you've been following me for a while you know how much I love grapefruit juice (I used to even have a blog where I documented my daily juice consumption like 10 years ago??) so this skirt was a must-have when I saw it! How could I pass up an opportunity to dress up like a giant grapefruit?! :D

Next week I'm going on an impromptu bus trip to Wyoming! My brother has a job interview and asked if I wanted to tag along. Ever the financially responsible adult, I used up most of the money in my checking account and immediately booked my seat on a Greyhound bus to Cheyenne. I know full well I'm probably going to be destitute when I'm older because I'm so bad with money and I don't have much of it to begin with, but I'm going to have so many great memories. And great skirts. lol

shirt - urbanog (old) | shoes - bait footwear

wishlist wednesday

I just realized it's been over a year since I did my last wishlist wednesday post, and I miss putting these images together. It's fun choosing a color scheme or theme and finding things that match. And of course it involves lots of window shopping which is one of my favorite pastimes ;)

This one was triggered by the discovery that modcloth just added loads of Halloween items and I felt the need to share some of my favorites. That white spider web cardigan is all of my Halloween outfit dreams come true. Spooky, but suitable to wear with my 98% pastel wardrobe!

1. Spider web cardigan
2. Black heart sunglasses
3. Pink cord pinafore
4. Cat wallet
5. Vintage cat brooch
6. Red bow shoes
7. Clear pink tote
8. Spider web earrings
9. Ouija board sweatshirt


Sometimes a dress is so perfect on its own that I almost can't bear to layer on cardigans or anything. For this one, I just swapped out the waist-tie for a black belt to tie in the ribbon detail with my black shoes. And voila - an outfit that seems like it required waaaay more thought than it actually did, lol ;)

I actually like this dress so much that I incorporated it into a painting that I did last week! I made a very hasty last-minute decision to exhibit at the Washington Square Outdoor Art show next month, without having too much work to show, eek! So I've been painting up a storm trying to get ready! I fully intend to sell zero paintings... I'm doing this more as a way to push myself to paint more and work on improving my style. It can be frustrating some days, because I'm so out of practice, but so far I've finished five paintings for the show and that's honestly more than I've finished in the last few years put together! So it feels good to be painting and producing new work, even if I still feel kind of rusty doing it :)

potato sack

Long time no see! I'm finally feeling like taking outfit photos again, even though I'm still not actually feeling 100% better. I'm just having some residual health issues from my infection last winter and while it's waaaaaay more manageable than when I was really sick, I've still spent most days in comfy clothes looking not quite photogenic.

Part of my issue is that I feel like I look kind of bloated some days, since my particular health issues are of the GI variety. Some days are better than others and I'll be fine with wearing a cinched belted dress, but other days I just want to wear a giant potato sack. I was getting fed up with feeling self conscious so while I was sick I bought myself a handful of smock dresses to wear on my bad days. I still tried to make it "me" with a cardigan and pastel necklace, but the shape of the dress helps me feel less insecure when I'm running errands. Also, honestly, it's actually way more comfortable than pajamas or sweatpants. It feels like I'm just wearing a giant t-shirt, it's SO comfy!

How you look seems like it should be the last thing to care about when you're sick, but for me it can make a huge difference to look in the mirror and see *ME* when I'm feeling so unlike myself inside. And even on pajama days, I still try to put on eyeliner every morning. Especially when your illness involves a lot of bathroom visits, every glance at your reflection can really affect your morale, lol!

cardigan - old navy | necklace - amazon

what's in my bag

It's been a really long time since I did a "what's in my bag" post and I thought now that I have a youtube channel it might be fun to do it as a video this time!

I'm still getting the hang of recording videos, I feel like I talk too fast and get out of breath too quick which doesn't happen when I'm talking to humans in real life. And I'm so self conscious of how I look in motion lol! I know I'll get used to it eventually since THIS was my very first outfit post, but right now I'm cringing so much while I edit these! I'm really looking forward to when this feels as natural as taking outfit photos does.

Anyway, here is the video! Please consider subscribing to my channel if you haven't already! :) And for links to the bag and everything in the bag, it's all listed in the description on the video here.

party pooper

I am so in love with this suspender skirt! Isn't it the most perfect thing ever for showing off t-shirt designs?! Growing up my parents owned a music t-shirt store so I had a healthy supply of t-shirts as a kid, and even though my sartorial tastes have skewed towards vintage/retro/dressy stuff as I got older I still enjoy finding new ways to work t-shirts into my outfits! This particular shirt is my own design (I posted a timelapse of the drawing process in the story highlights on my instagram!) and it's also available as a lapel pin here.

Also, can I just say how much I LOVE IT when Arrietty decides to hang out with me for outfit photos? Honestly she's always in the room, usually just arms length away on my computer table, since she's like my little shadow. But it's even more fun when she gets in the frame lol :)

life .. uh .. finds a way

Happy Jurassic World Day!!

I know that Jeff Goldblum doesn't apparently have a lot of screen time but to be honest I'm looking forward to seeing Dr. Ian Malcolm again more than anything else in this movie lol! I'm sure I'm not alone on that, right? I'm also excited about the dinosaurs, obviously, but even the little nod to Malcolm with the book sitting on Jake Johnson's desk in the first Jurassic World was the highlight of that movie for me. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't re-release the first one for the 25th anniversary this year, but there IS a brand new installment in the series out today so I need to just be happy about that and stop whining ;)

If you haven't checked out my Jurassic Park accessories in a while, definitely take a peek in my shop here. I've added a lot over the last two years! I have so many pins that it was a little hard trying to choose which one to go with for the themed outfit today, but ultimately it wasn't much of a contest -- Future Ex Mrs. Malcolm won hands down! It's my personal favorite of my Jurassic Park pins, especially because I think the idea of making an mosquito-trapped-in-amber engagement ring was pretty clever (girl.)

dress - modcloth | sweater - forever 21 (old) | shoes - bait footwear
belt - forever 21 (old) | future ex-mrs. malcolm pin - my shop