Monday, May 10, 2021

bittersweet memories

Here is my latest entry in my ten years later series. I'm a day late in posting this, but I took this picture yesterday on May 9, 2021 and it's an almost exact replica of the outfit I was wearing on May 9, 2011. You can view the original outfit post here. It's the same lace dress and same belt, I just had to wear a different black dress underneath (the one in my original outfit was sold in a closet sale ages ago) and I'm pretty sure I still own the Blowfish sandals I had on in 2011 but I couldn't find them anywhere so I went with these espadrilles instead! Honestly I think this might only be the second time I've ever worn this lace dress! I usually have used it as a decor piece, hanging up in my bedroom or closet on the wall or in front of a window. But I really do love the way it looks on me so I should break it out more often.

Reading my post from 2011 was really bittersweet today since I was talking about celebrating Mother's Day with my Great Aunt Annie and my Grandmom. My Aunt Annie passed away a couple years after I wrote the post, and my Grandmom just passed away right before Christmas of last year. So this was our first Mother's Day with only our little nuclear family of me, my brother, and my parents. My mom was having a hard time with the idea of actually celebrating the holiday with her mom gone, so we just had a quiet day at home and nobody really mentioned what day it was. Me and my mom binge watched some videos from our favorite youtube channel (AllEars) and then we all watched The 39 Steps together before dinner. 

I'm so glad that I started blogging when I did though, because in my 2011 post I wrote about something that happened at dinner on that Mother's Day and I don't think I'd remember it if I hadn't written it down back then. Today was tinged with a lot of sadness, but looking at my old post helped me relive some fond memories and I'm so grateful for that.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

red tights again

Here's my next installment in my project to recreate outfits I wore exactly ten years ago! This ensemble is inspired by this outfit that I posted on April 29, 2011. *Technically* I actually wore the outfit on April 28th and then posted it the next day, so I'm doing the same thing this time around too! :)

Looking back at my old archives, I've noticed that red tights were practically a neutral in my wardrobe back then lol! I wore them so often! I don't know if it's because they were popular at the time or because I was going through a huge Anna Karina phase or both, but I really love it. They're just so fun! I've been seeing so many articles popping up lately about how dated 2010's fashions are now, from skinny jeans to a-line skirts to those tall Jeffrey Campbell boots everyone (well, not me, but almost everyone) was wearing ten years ago. And I really don't care. I truly love every dress in my wardrobe. I love dressing in bright fun colors even if the prevailing trends skew towards beige. I love t-strap flats and polka dots and short cropped cardigans with impractical 3/4 sleeves. I also love a lot of the fashions from my teenage years that are coming back now, like camisole/cardigan sets with little bow ties in the front, tie dye, and bell bottoms. I think the best thing about modern fashion is that we have so much to choose from! So I'm breaking out the red tights again and wearing them confidently into a sea of wide leg mom jeans and matching sweatsuit sets, perfectly confident in my unique yet outdated self! :)

Thursday, April 8, 2021

some kind of wonderful

Another entry in my ten years later project! And I actually still have the same dress that I wore in my post on April 8, 2011 ten years ago. I'm actually really surprised that this dress has stuck around this long because I've always hated the shoulders on it. They're real bunchy and make my shoulders look bigger than they are. It's SO pretty, with the giant sleeves and lace trim, and the fabric is a nice thick weave that hangs beautifully. But almost every time I put it on I end up changing because of those big shoulder pleats lol!

I really think at this point though that most of my wardrobe is here to stay. I used to do closet sales a few times a year and then I'd inevitably end up regretting selling 90% of the things I got rid of. I'm actually embarrassed to admit how many dresses I sold and then repurchased on poshmark years later! Honestly I know for a fact that if I let go of this dress because of the pleats I'd end up desperately searching for it again within the next six months LOL! 

Wednesday, February 17, 2021

now, how to amuse them today?

Here is my take on an outfit that I wore on this date 10 years ago! You can see the original outfit post right here. This is the same dress, but in the intervening years I had it altered to be a bit shorter. I love the gradient pattern at the bottom and didn't want to lose that, so instead of doing a traditional hem, my tailor unattached the bodice from the skirt and hemmed it from the top of the skirt instead of the bottom! This is one of my all-time favorite dresses that I own. At some point like 4 years ago during one of my frantic "I need to sell everything in my closet in order to pay a bill" shop my closet sales I had this listed for like five minutes before quickly pulling it down. There are some dresses that I just cannot part with, no matter how much I need the cash lol. 

I originally wore this for the first time on my blog on January 28, 2011 and in that post I wrote about how the dress was too big for me. The words "too big for me" were pinging around in my brain as I struggled to zip this up today. Ahh! I have really struggled with eating well and exercising during quarantine, especially since it got cold out. Before the pandemic I used to go for walks at the mall whenever it was too cold to walk outside. But this winter I haven't left my house *at all,* except to get mail off the porch, since late November. I know that technically there are always ways to stay fit if you're really dedicated, and I'm getting there. But ugh. Getting in shape is a feat when the world is normal, when my brain is healthier, when picking out fresh produce at the grocery store and walking at the park are accessible options. Trying to get in shape when I feel mentally low every day, don't leave the house, and can't go to the grocery store or walk outside, it's just a lot more difficult. But I'm going to try. I signed up for weight watchers again and I'm spending today and tomorrow partaking in some of my favorite treats before I commit to a healthier lifestyle this weekend. Having dresses that I love as much as this one has been a constant impetus to get healthy whenever I start eating too much McDonald's. When zippers become a challenge and my belts just barely reach the last hole I know it's time to cut back on the soda and stock up on veggies! I want to be able to wear this dress again on February 17, 2031 and February 17, 2041 and if that means I can't keep eating french fries and sitting in my chair all day long, so be it lol!

dress - modcloth | tights - target | shoes - aldo | sweater - old navy

Friday, February 12, 2021

touch ups

Like a lot of people, I have been spending a lot of time working on my home decor while I've been sheltering in place since last March. I've mostly been working on things in the house that I share with my family (sadly not very pink or retro, or else I'd share it here with you!) like redoing the flooring in basically the entire downstairs, repainting the kitchen cabinets, rearranging all the furniture, and giving the powder room a huge facelift. That one I might actually share even though it's not very colorful, just because I am so proud of it. My mom decorated the bathroom in the early '90s and she did a really great job, but it just looked a teensy bit outdated now, so she gave me the go ahead to update it. I tried to make it over in her style, not mine (or else it would be very pink, of course!) and I'm really happy with how it turned out. 

I've also turned my attention to my own living space and I've been making little adjustments here and there throughout the last year. All those touch-ups over time have slowly transformed my rooms from "I'm very happy with how all this looks" into "I am THRILLED with how all this looks." It's a lot of subtle differences that most people probably wouldn't even notice. And some things people would definitely notice, like the new rug in my studio! I loved my pink shag carpet so much but it was impossible to vacuum and I kept dropping things in it like jewelry findings and pin backs and never finding them. I was so worried Arrietty might find a jump ring and try to eat it or I'd step on a push pin that I lost in the carpet, so I decided to switch to something low pile. This is the rug that I got. I'll be sharing pictures or video in a full room tour soon. I just have one or two touch-ups left before I'm ready to share. Of course, it's always one or two touch-ups, and then one or two more. And then just one more thing. And maybe I can move that picture. Okay, I just have to add a lamp. Does this plant really look right here? And what about that chair...