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borrowing from myself

Do you ever have days where you stand in front of your closet and just don't even know where to begin? I had such a creative block with getting dressed this morning, so I decided to peruse my outfit post archives and just borrow an idea from past me! I ended up finding inspiration from this post from 2012. I didn't have the dress or shoes anymore, but I wore the same sweater and swapped the shoes and dress for similar items in my closet.

Next year will be 10 years since I started this blog, and I think once I hit that milestone I might start a series where I recreate outfit posts that I posted a decade ago! I think that would be so fun! Honestly the fact that I've been doing this for almost ten years is one of the main reasons that I keep doing it. Some days it feels so silly to be so dedicated to this blog since I don't think anyone really reads it anymore but it's turned into this intensely detailed archive of my life and I just feel so committed to keeping it going now. I keep thinking about how cool it will be when I'm in my 70s or 80s and I can look back and see weekly photos of myself aging, day to day writings about my life, and a pretty extensive chronicle of all the material items I was lusting after, haha!

dress - charlotte russe (old) | cardigan - forever 21 (old)

my top five favorite: albums

Even before itunes and ipods and spotify I used to prefer building my own playlists (with mixtapes!) to playing an album start-to-finish, but there are always some albums that I think are so perfect that I happily play them uninterrupted, the way they were intended to be heard.

First up is Power, Corruption, and Lies by New Order. One of my all time favorite albums, although I tend to play one side more than the other and I tend to go over and put the needle back on "Your Silent Face" over and over again.

This post could have easily been five Killers albums but I wanted to limit myself to one and give some room to other bands/artists. And narrowing it down to one was VERY DIFFICULT.  But ultimately Day and Age has my heart. Honestly whatever album "Dustland Fairytale" was on was going to get my vote, but when you add in "Spaceman" and "Human" it's basically a shoe-in. (Runner up would probably be either Sam's Town or Battle Born.)

This is the soundtrack for the movie Borsalino. It's just a super fun jazzy '20s-'30s inspired album and I put this on all the time when I need to get some pep in my step for the day. If I need to clean up or get dressed for a late shift at work after I'm already done in, this does the trick. It also reminds me of the movie (which I love!) and that's always a fun bonus when you listen to soundtracks :)

I first heard this when I was staying at The Polynesian in Disney World two years ago and I ended up downloading the album to listen to on the plane home, and then I found an LP on ebay to listen to on my record player. My favorite song on the album is "Pineapple Princess" followed closely by "Hawaiian Love Talk." It's just so fun and bubbly and, especially in the winter, it's nice to be transported to Hawaii (or a Disneyesque version of Hawaii, I guess, lol!)

Last but not least, my favorite Frank Sinatra album -- Moonlight Sinatra. This has spun around my turntable so often that sometimes I think I should buy a backup. Whenever I decide to put this one on, I just can't stop. I keep flipping it over, playing, flipping over, playing, until it's time for bed. My favorites on this album are "Moonlight Serenade" and "Oh, You Crazy Moon."

pajama day

I spend a lot of days in my pajamas, and I thought it would be fun to share some pajama outfit posts once in a while! They are pretty much *all* ASOS legging pajama sets.  For years my favorite pjs were the Joe Boxer sets from K-Mart, but when I discovered these from ASOS there was no turning back. The pants are literally the absolute comfiest things I've ever owned. When I run errands in leggings (I think we can generally agree that's the most comfortable thing you can wear in public, right?) I still can't wait to get home and change into these pajama pants. They are THAT cozy. I buy them one size up so the waist comes up really high, but they're not so big that the pant legs ride up when you toss and turn at night.

And maybe the best part is that they come in some really fun prints. I was so excited when I saw this pink and red lip print set because it matches my aesthetic so well! Unless they add some more pink pjs (fingers crossed though!) these are definitely going to be my Valentine's Day pajamas this year. Because who says perpetually single people can't have designated February 14th jammies?! ;D

floral bedding - my shop | heart purse in the background - old

recipe: strawberry coconut ginger smoothie

I decided to start my mornings with a smoothie this year (mostly because I have a large probiotic to take each morning that I can only swallow with something as thick as a smoothie, lol!) and this concoction is SO delicious! Plus it's dairy free, and the ginger adds an anti-inflammatory benefit, too!

1 cup frozen strawberries
1 cup unsweetened coconut milk
1/2 tsp. grated (or powdered) ginger
1 tsp. raw honey
2 ice cubes

Just blend it all together in your blender, and then enjoy! This makes a pretty sizable smoothie which is perfect for a "meal in a cup" situation but if you just want something refreshing to drink, you might want to halve the recipe.

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