Friday, February 5, 2021

a super belated Christmas decoration post

I'm planning on finally taking my Christmas decorations down this weekend, but before I did I wanted to take some pictures and post them since I was really, really happy with how everything looked this year! My favorite part was my new pink Christmas tree, which fits so perfectly in my space it's almost like it was made to order. I've wanted a tree like this for so long but never found the exact right shape or color. I love that this has such a long pole at the bottom before the actual tree starts, the perfect pink color that isn't quite pastel and isn't fluorescent neon (I feel like all pink trees tend to be one or the other) but a perfect carnation pink. I love the height and width, a small scale full size tree for a small space! I got it on amazon (it's only available in 7' now but mine is 6') And I love my new tree topper that I made out of laser cut wood and glitter mod podge. It's a "Topper" topper. If you like classic movies hopefully you'll get the pun ;)

A small "where I got that" list, if you're curious!

= My Christmas cat pillowcase is from Vinnie Boy Vintage
= DIY honeycomb santa wall hanging is from my shop
= Pastel putz houses are from Everyday is a Holiday
= Tall putz houses were from Anthropologie
= Lady vases & Christmas cat figurines are vintage
= NOEL figures & choir girls are vintage