Wednesday, August 31, 2011

wishlist wednesday

1. Knitted sheep cardigan from TopShop // $130.00
2. Whistle pendant necklace from Forever21 // $2.80
3. Kimchi Blue envelope tote from UO // $59.00
4. Crochet lace up shoes from Miss Selfridge // $35.88
5. White cutout peep toe flats from Lulus // $21.00
6. Crochet skinny belt from ASOS // $18.30
7. High waist bow belt from Forever21 // $4.80
8. Claire de Lune dress from Modcloth // $97.99

un, deux, trois

remixed item: striped sweater from h&m
outfit 1: jean shorts - old // tights - no idea // shoes - target
outfit 2: tights - we love colors // skirt - h&m // shoes - c/o blowfish
outfit 3: jeans - h&m // necklace - handmade // shoes - blowfish

I got a comment yesterday from Erica saying there was a forever 21 necklace that looked just like me, so I hurried over to to check it out. And it really does look like me!! It has pink hair in a big bun, with a white bow and scalloped neck top. Eep! I don't usually wear necklaces very often, but I had to snatch that one up.. even if I end up using it as a keychain or something instead. Weirdly neat, isn't it?! (ps if the f21 link doesn't work here's a link to the image)

I'm really glad that I *had* to buy something from f21, since it gave me an excuse to also buy a leopard print cardigan I've had my eye on ... I've always wanted one ;)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Style Idols - Colorful old ladies

//image links back to the source

I've seen this photo a million times here and there (mostly on tumblr) but I have no idea where it came from or who these amazing women are! All I know is that I want to be them when I'm old. Actually, I want to be them now.

*Edit: It's from a Juicy Couture ad! Here's a link to view the uncropped ad. Thanks, Emily!! :)

peaches and cream

skirt - vintage
shoes - target
belt - forever 21
hair bow - hive & honey
locket - handmade

I don't know if you can tell from my photos, but the sleeves on this top have a really cute scalloped edge on them. Scallops are definitely "in" right now.. I've been seeing them everywhere I turn, and I couldn't be more thrilled! I love when things I've always liked become a fad. That way I can stock up during their brief turn in the spotlight, and hoard them for the lean years when nobody is selling them anymore! ;)

It only applies to clothes though. For some reason I can't stand it when a person/tv show/music I like becomes popular. I should be happy that something I love has found a wider audience, but I'm usually just peeved that it's not my own little secret anymore, and I inevitably lose interest. It's one of my least favorite character traits about myself, but I can't help it!

Monday, August 29, 2011

strawberry lemonade

dress - modcloth
shoes - from my grandmom
hair bow - hive and honey

I think I've used this title a couple times before, but it just fits the outfit/hair haha :)

This is one of those Be the Buyer items that I loved from the very second I saw it on Modcloth, and hoped SO badly they'd put it into production!! As soon as I saw it was available last week, I had to snatch it up. The cotton is so soft and it fits me perfectly! yay! It came with three decorative buttons at the top, which I had to remove since they just looked weird on me. I think they'd look nice if you're.. um.. flatter than me? They just didn't lay right on my chest. Anyway, though, I actually like the way it looks without the buttons even more! So win/win!

Oh, and some fun news.. I'm going to Disney World in November to celebrate my 25th birthday!! I've had it planned for about a month, but I didn't want to blog about it until I had sent in the final payment, just to be sure... and I sent it in on Saturday! I'm so excited! I haven't had a vacation since 2007, and I need one so so badly! My parents can't come, unfortunately, so it'll just be me and my brother, but we're coming home the day before my birthday so that I can actually celebrate with my whole family! I'm looking forward to this so much... I even downloaded a countdown app for my iphone :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

slumber party sunday

Sorry this is up so late this week! Yesterday afternoon our power started browning out, so I decided to unplug my computer just in case, and didn't turn it back on until the storm had passed. Luckily the lights just dimmed a few times, and that was it. I'm actually surprised... we get black outs when it's merely drizzling outside, and yet the power survived a full-blown hurricane. We fared pretty well.. a few leaks, but no flooding or anything. I hope everyone else is okay, as well!!

Now onto the sleepover! I'm a *huge* fan of cookie dough, so I'm super excited to make the treats I included this week. The soundtrack section is officially gone until someone can help me come up with more songs. TOTALLY drawing a blank there. For the movie I chose one of my favorite cartoons, ever! And lastly, part 3 of the 4 part ghost story! So let's get started! :D

Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. YUM!! I've always loved those movie theater cookie dough snacks, and this looks like a homemade version, which is probably (who am I kidding.. definitely) SO much better! I can't wait to make these and munch while I'm watching the movie! :D Recipe via Love & Olive Oil.

Words cannot describe how much I love this movie! I first saw Anastasia when I was a kid, but it didn't click as a favorite until I was a little older, probably after I went through my Russian history obsession phase in high school (which, my history channel viewing habits would prove, hasn't quite ended yet). Obviously the movie is far from fact, but the whole era fascinates me so much, and it's wonderfully portrayed in the film. Oh, and is it possible to marry cartoon characters? Because Dimitri is like the most drop dead gorgeous animated man I've ever laid my eyes on. *Swoon* Watch it on netflix // Buy it on amazon // Watch it on amazon // Watch it on youtube // Download the torrent

truth: What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure favorite movie?
dare: Wear your clothing backwards tomorrow.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Silents & Talkies - Banjo On My Knee (1936)

Banjo on my Knee is the story of a "land girl" played by Barbara Stanwyck who marries into a family of river dwellers. On her wedding night, some guy gets fresh with Stany, and her new groom, played by Joel McCrea, pushes the man overboard. When he doesn't immediately resurface, everyone assumes he's dead and Joel decides he has to go on the lamb and leave his new bride at home.

The cast is jam-packed with my favorite stars. Barbara Stanwyck is amazing as the lonely out-of-place newlywed, and her understated performance is spectacular as usual. Walter Brennan plays her father-in-law, a super sweet lovable old guy who plays folksy favorites on his "contraption," an instrument made out of old bottles and do-dads. And then there's Buddy Ebsen tap-dancing and singing along to the music. Oh, and singer Tony Martin makes an appearance as a restaurant entertainer, appearing in the credits as "Anthony Martin."

They all make up for Joel McCrea. Oh, Joel. He's one of my favorite actors, but by golly do I despise him in this movie!!! He's such a hot-headed mess; insanely jealous and abusive. I've seen this movie a dozen times, and each time I hate his character even more. The worst part is that I don't think you're supposed to hate him! The movie is definitely structured to make you root for Stany & Joel getting together in the end, but I guess my modern mind makes me wish she could escape the inevitable abusive relationship she's getting herself into.

The absolute *best* part of this movie, hands down, is the music. It's not quite a musical, more like a drama with some musical numbers thrown in (and they all seem to fit, not like people just randomly burst out into song in mid-sentence.) And Barbara Stanwyck did her own singing! I wish she did this more often, because she had such a unique, beautiful voice. I uploaded one of the musical numbers to my old site a while back, if you want to have a listen! :)

Watch it: Netflix // Youtube

posh frock friday

dress - vintage
shoes - modcloth
headband - c/o softspoken

Sorry these photos are so over-processed. Ugh. We're having the worst weather right now (and Hurricane Irene hasn't even hit yet!) It's been so terribly overcast and rainy. My room is constantly shrouded in dimness, so all of my photos are coming out terribly dark.

This week I discovered the sock bun. Have you ever tried this before?! It has to be, hands down, the easiest hairstyle I've ever done, with ponytails being the obvious exception. It's so simple, and so comfy!! One of my most vivid childhood memories involves my mom poking tons of bobby pins into my head to create a tight bun for my ballet recitals. Boy, I wish we had known about the sock bun back then! All you do is cut off the end of a sock, and roll it up, then wrap your hair in it. The sock holds your bun in place, no need for pins! There's a great tutorial here.

I hope everyone has a great weekend! :)

Thursday, August 25, 2011

star stuff

I am determined.

making it up as I go along

top - urban outfitters
skirt - h&m
belt - old navy
bag - h&m (win one here!)
shoes - modcloth
hair bow - hive & honey

Yesterday I touched up my roots, and tried a new shade of pink! It's my own creation, a mix of Manic Panic cotton candy with about 1-2 tablespoons of wildfire red mixed in. I wanted it to be more of a carnation pink than fuchsia, and I think this totally did the trick! I'm so happy with it! :D I think I might eventually have to cave in and get the bleach done professionally, though. I'm so terrible at it, it's pathetic! I missed so much new growth, even after I thoroughly checked to make sure I had it all covered.

While I was blow drying my hair last night & noticing all the patches of brown I missed with the bleach, I realized I totally wing it with everything. My life is one big long "winging it." Everything is done on a whim, and once I start I never have any clue what the heck I'm doing. Dying my hair, cooking, even starting my own business and blogging.. I'm making it all up as I go along.

By the by, this purse in my photos is the same one (well not the exact same.. I bought one for you, and one for me!) that I'm giving away! If you want to enter to win it, here's the link!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

wishlist wednesday

1. Dinosaur print sweatshirt from TopShop // $55.00
2. Perforated oxford flat from Urbanog // $16.40
3. Briefcase satchel bag from TopShop // $76.00
4. Houndstooth bow hairclips from Forever 21 // $1.50
5. Natural wonder dress from Modcloth // $99.99
6. Scalloped trimmed belt from Forever 21 // $4.80
7. Dino might necklace from Modcloth // $12.99
8. Pterodactyl stud earrings from PixieHearts // $12.00
9. Dinosaur mix and match earrings from ShanaLogic // $14.00
10. Khaki brogue wedge shoes from Dorothy Perkins // $52.73
11. Thrill of the dig t-shirt from Modcloth // $29.99

un, deux, trois

remixed item #1: vintage white ascot blouse from kellyshoestrings on etsy
remixed item #2: platform sandals from blowfish shoes
outfit 1: jean vest - from my mom // belt - forever 21 // skirt - vintage
outfit 2: jacket - forever 21 // belt - forever 21 // skirt - vintage
outfit 3: jumper - old navy // belt - forever 21

For some reason I keep pairing this blouse with the same shoes, so I thought it would make for a fun un, deux, trois post! Especially since all of the outfits look -- at least I think they look -- so different from one another. It's really amazing how changing something as simple as a belt or jacket can make an outfit look completely unique!

I might bail out on an outfit post tomorrow, just a heads up! My roots are coming in something AWFUL and I'll be knee deep in bleach & dye all day, so I can pretty much guarantee my outfit won't be all that impressive, ha! Unless you want to see me in old worn out pj's and a plastic bag on my hair? ;) By the by, isn't touching up light dye-jobs on dark hair ridiculously annoying? I wish the new growth could just come in pink. That would be awesome. If someone invented a pill for that, I'd take it. (I'd also take one that makes all food taste like potatoes, or a pill that keeps you clean all the time so you never need to shower. Just thought I'd throw that out there.)

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Style Idol - Jeanne Moreau

//image links back to source

if you say gullible slowly it sounds like oranges

top - h&m
skirt - h&m
shoes - c/o blowfish
hairbow - hive & honey

I saw a thing on pinterest the other day that said "If you say "gullible" slowly it sounds like "oranges."

Did you try it? Embarrassingly, I did. ha! It got me thinking about how incredibly gullible I used to be (I seem to have grown out of it, if you don't count this little oranges incident). I think the most outrageous example of my gullibility was in high school, when my two [supposedly] best friends had me 100% convinced that they secretly knew the Backstreet Boys, and chatted online with them all the time. I guess they must have conspired to come up with the most far-fetched thing they could possibly think of, and then try to convince me it was true. The BSB weren't even popular anymore at the time, it was just so ridiculously random! But I totally believed them.

Are you/were you ever super gullible like me?

ps. I did a new flapper doodle drawing the other night & recorded a time-lapse of myself drawing it! I put it on youtube last night & I think it's kind of fun, if you want to take a look :-)

Monday, August 22, 2011

pitter patter go the raindrops

If I had known that New Jersey now has its own monsoon season, I would have taken some back-up outfit photos! gee whiz, it has not stopped raining here in days and I sort of forget what the sun looks like. I already feel a bit amateur doing indoor outfit posts to begin with, so I couldn't bring myself to post ones that were taken in pitch darkness with flash :p I also got some fantastic new flapper doodle products in the mail on Friday and haven't had a chance to photograph them for my shop since the weather has been so dreary. Mother nature always seems to plan these massive rainstorms for days when I desperately want to use my camera!

In other news, I went jeans shopping on Friday for the first time in about two years. I don't wear jeans very often, but I really felt like I needed a new pair since my olds ones were a bit loose. Turns out, I'm two sizes smaller now! :D Woo hoo! I haven't been this size since high school, about 8 years ago, so I'm over-the-moon with glee! I'm not on weight watchers anymore, but I think cutting back on grapefruit juice and drinking more water in its place has done me a world of good. I know it's fruit, but grapefruit juice still packs a load of calories when you're consuming about a bottle a day (eek!)

ps. I have a little interview up on The Girl with the Blue Bow today! Check it out here :-)

Sunday, August 21, 2011

slumber party sunday

Before we get started I just want to thank everyone for the super sweet comments on my post yesterday! I'm almost always running on empty when it comes to confidence in my own art, so your lovely compliments & support really mean oodles & heaps to me! Thank you! <3

Now, shall we begin the party?! I have another super simple yet ultra scrumptious snack and part II of the creepy ghost story we started last week! (tingles up your spine yet?!) And my 90's movie theme continues with That Thing You Do (Although I guess that could technically qualify as 60's too, eh?) No playlist this week, partly because I've been listening to the same four songs on repeat all week and don't want to break away from them long enough to peruse the offerings on youtube ;) Also because I'm running out of songs I like that would also qualify as "slumber party songs." Suggestions are totally welcome! :D

Rice Krispies. on a stick. DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE. Need I say more? (I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating... food on a stick is just better.) Pictures & genius idea via twig & thistle.

Since this movie isn't actually real, we're going with That Thing You Do instead ;) Like Now and Then, I hadn't seen this since I was a kid, but I revisited it this week. And subsequently had the title song stuck in my head for days on end. They play it A LOT in the movie. But you can understand how songs end up being hits thanks to massive radio saturation. By the end of the film, you know the lyrics and your heart has probably changed its beat to match the drums in the song. Anyway, it's a great sleepover film and I promise you'll want to raid Liv Tyler's wardrobe and possibly steal her hair. Rent it on netflix // download the torrent // buy it on amazon // rent it on amazon.

Part II of our serial ghost story! Boo! Did you miss part I? You can see it here :)

Truth: Describe your worst haircut ever. In detail.
Dare: Go outside and sing "I'm a little teapot"

ps. Did anyone follow through on last week's dare? I'd love to hear about it if you did! :D

Saturday, August 20, 2011

work in progress

This time of year is "get ready for the holiday shopping season" time for my shop. Now is when I come up with the designs for my Christmas cards, next year's calendar & planner and any new products that I want to have in my shop & ready for the holidays. And every year without fail I end up losing all track of time while I'm doing this! For me this week has been a jumble of staying up until 6am, waking up at noon to keep working, eating pizza, guzzling grapefruit juice, and urgent runs to Michaels to buy more pens. AND I LOVE IT!

Of course, it's also responsible for me totally lapsing on my posting this weekend. eek! I didn't get to schedule a Silents & Talkies post, or a post for today and honestly I'm enjoying working on my drawings so much, I hardly even care that I missed two posts! Sorry!

Hopefully this sneak peek of my 2012 calendar art will suffice? I'm so beyond happy with it, it's kind of ridiculous. I haven't been too thrilled with my artwork lately, so I'm tickled pink that I'm finally drawing things I'm not only liking but loving?! If I have a muse, she was totally on vacation. But she seems to be back, so yay!! :D

The calendar is a tribute to one of my favorite artists, Edward Gorey. I'm putting my flappers into Gorey-esque settings and adding some super intricate art deco patterns, too. Overall it might be my favorite project I've done for my shop so far!

I'll make sure I put down the pens long enough to schedule a Slumber Party Sunday post later, but until then I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! :)

Friday, August 19, 2011

posh frock friday

dress - h&m
belt - vintage
hair bow - hive & honey
shoes - modcloth

Last night I got the longest, most random text from my brother. I think it's super hilarious so I had to share it :)

"Alright. So it's 1856 and this guy named Johann von Kramer has just invented a magic brand of cornbread that, when fed to goats, gives them both the ability to speak AND fly. He did not know the power he held in his hands, and before long... it was too late. He had sealed the fate of humankind as we know it. By 1858, the goats had finalized their plans to dominate the planet. They launched a massive attack on November 4, 1858. Thousands of goats could be seen filling the sky, flying across the grasslands, mountains, oceans, etc. The invasion had begun. Top scientists from every nation joined together to try to form a new type of cornbread to feed the goats -- one that would reap them of their superpowers and save mankind. BUT IT WAS NO USE. By the 10th day of December, 1858, everyone surrendered. The goats won. They deported all humans to a new planet they deemed "Earth." We still have yet to trace back to our home planet, now ruled by goats..."

Thursday, August 18, 2011

star stuff

Lauren posted this AMAZING book on her blog last week & gave me permission to share it here too! :D I think the only thing I love more than science graphics are old school science graphics (in this case quite literally old. school.) I especially love the graphic in the third photo down, with the caption "Look at a nearby object with one eye at a time and it will appear to shift and line up with different objects in the background" because I do that ALL THE TIME. Does anyone else? If nobody else says they do this in the comments, I'm going to come back later and delete that sentence so I don't look quite as crazy, just so you know...

Anyway, as much as I love science, my grasp on most of it is still pretty much elementary school level, so a book like this is right up my alley. As much as I want to understand the Biocentrism book I'm *trying to* read right now, I find myself re-reading every paragraph 10 times each time they bring up quantum physics. (Does anyone actually understand quantum physics? Oh my gosh.) There was one passage I read the other night that explained that the whole "if a tree falls in the forest when nobody is around, does it still make a noise?" question is stupid to begin with because the tree only exists if someone is there to see it. I started thinking, okay.. so does that mean that when I go to sleep at night in my bedroom, the kitchen doesn't exist anymore since I'm not there to see it? hmmmm? Right now I'm facing my computer, does that mean my bed isn't behind me anymore until I turn around to look at it? (just looked.. phew, it's still there!)

I actually looked. Like, that wasn't meant to be funny. It's seriously still there, I checked.

I think my grasp on this whole theory is really really bad because part of me thinks that if I got to sit down with a real quantum physicist and asked them about my whole kitchen theory, they'd laugh in my face.

I have no idea how this turned into a post about my lack of quantum physics prowess, except maybe that I'm typing this at 5am and I haven't been to bed yet? Oh, I schedule these posts, you're not imagining that it posted at 6pm. Of course when you turn around and stop looking at your computer, my post won't exist AT ALL. How about THAT.