Saturday, August 13, 2011

Fontocalypse - The Hello Vanny story

What is the tile of your movie?

Art house, blockbuster, summer comedy, epic, zombie-apocalypse movie?
EPIC ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE! All of the zombies are covered in ugly fonts like Comic Sans, Bleeding Cowboys, Zapfino + Cracked.

Who is directing?
The type nerd queen; Jessica Hische

Who is starring?
Megan Fisher + Lucas Sharp

What is the plot? Is it a comedy? Drama? Tragedy (I hope not!)?
A kid is bitten by the ugly font plague and the entire town is taken over. Megan Fisher and Lucas Sharp must save the day in this tragic zombie apocalypse.

Drama, obviously. There clearly is an epidemic of zombies covered in hideous type. And that my friend, is awful.

Did it win an award at the Oscars, Sundance or the Razzies?

What did you wear to the premiere?
I'd most likely be seen wearing a simple but elegant off white flowy dress followed with a high bun, a cute clutch and some jeffrey campbell platforms. Ohhh lala. :)


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