Tuesday, August 2, 2011

clarissa explains unicorns

dress - h&m (altered by me)
shoes - target
plaid shirt - forever 21
headband - h&m
necklace - some beach store

I keep seeing horse prints everywhere lately, and while I think horses are a super cute animal, I really love unicorns more. And what is a unicorn, but a horse with a horn, right? So when I saw this adorable red horse-print dress at h&m a couple weeks ago, I decided to fiddle around & make my own unicorn print dress with it.

Materials needed:

1 horse print dress
1 white fabric paint marker for dark fabrics
LOTS and LOTS of time to waste

After I finished working one day last week, I popped a bowl of popcorn, picked out some cheesy bad horror movies on netflix and sat at my desk for three hours adding little white horns to all of the horses on my dress. I love how it came out!! It's really subtle, but if you look closely you can tell they're unicorns. Now I think I need to try it on something more bold, like this sweater :)