Saturday, August 20, 2011

work in progress

This time of year is "get ready for the holiday shopping season" time for my shop. Now is when I come up with the designs for my Christmas cards, next year's calendar & planner and any new products that I want to have in my shop & ready for the holidays. And every year without fail I end up losing all track of time while I'm doing this! For me this week has been a jumble of staying up until 6am, waking up at noon to keep working, eating pizza, guzzling grapefruit juice, and urgent runs to Michaels to buy more pens. AND I LOVE IT!

Of course, it's also responsible for me totally lapsing on my posting this weekend. eek! I didn't get to schedule a Silents & Talkies post, or a post for today and honestly I'm enjoying working on my drawings so much, I hardly even care that I missed two posts! Sorry!

Hopefully this sneak peek of my 2012 calendar art will suffice? I'm so beyond happy with it, it's kind of ridiculous. I haven't been too thrilled with my artwork lately, so I'm tickled pink that I'm finally drawing things I'm not only liking but loving?! If I have a muse, she was totally on vacation. But she seems to be back, so yay!! :D

The calendar is a tribute to one of my favorite artists, Edward Gorey. I'm putting my flappers into Gorey-esque settings and adding some super intricate art deco patterns, too. Overall it might be my favorite project I've done for my shop so far!

I'll make sure I put down the pens long enough to schedule a Slumber Party Sunday post later, but until then I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!! :)