Tuesday, August 16, 2011

heart still beating

hair bow - hive and honey
shoes - vintage c/o my grandmom

So, this is officially my new favorite dress in the history of all time, ever ever ever. I got it half off directly from the designer, Trollied Dolly, during their summer sale (which is still going on, so go snatch up some pretties!) and I'm absolutely in love with the huge novelty print, the fit, the material, everything! I'm also growing pretty fond of this length, when I've always preferred things a bit shorter in the past.

Also, this is the hair bow that I used for inspiration when drawing my new blog header! It's from Miss Kaelah Bee's fantastic etsy shop Hive & Honey! I'm so happy that I bought this, because it's probably my favorite accessory ever now. (This post should really be titled "Kate's favorite things EVER") It just goes SO perfectly with my big beehive/bun hairdo, and I love the way the white pops against the pink! I'm almost sad when I have to take it off each night when I go to sleep... I'm just head over heels in love with it!

Oh, speaking of heels, I love my shoes too.. they're my favorite ever!!!! ;D