Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I like jeans???

I like jeans now? Actually, I've always liked jeans in theory. I loved them when I was a kid, I used to love getting new ones every year when me and my mom would go back-to-school shopping. I had a pair in middle school with black and white stripes down the side from Fashion Bug that were definitely the coolest jeans ever. But then the early 00's happened and all of a sudden jeans everywhere became low-waisted with like 90% spandex and 10% cotton. I also got a little wider but stayed the same short height, so most of the jeans I did like would have to be hemmed or rolled up at the cuff.


I bought one pair about three months ago on a whim and I'm not even joking I have a whole drawer filled with them now. It was like Liz Lemon in the episode where she gets those Brooklyn Without Limits jeans, only mine don't make my butt look quite as good. I threw out all of my old jeans immediately. (BURN THEM. BURNNN THEMMM!!)

They're old fashioned, gloriously high-waisted, and ninety-nine beautiful percentage points of cotton. My favorites are the ones that come with pre-torn knees because while I might be 99% cotton candy, I like to pretend that I'm 1% rock and roll.

jeans - asos | sweater - from my mom | sneakers - converse

Monday, July 27, 2015

she's pixelated

My pictures are coming out in this weird combination of overly pixelated, but also kind of blurry and slightly too sharp? I do own a real DSLR camera, I should probably just start using it instead of my iphone :\

Also, does my t-shirt look familiar? It's my favorite pattern from my vintage bedding digital kit that I subsequently had made into a rug and iphone case. Society6 just started selling all-over print t-shirts so naturally I was drawn to it like a cat to catnip. I'm really happy with how it looks in person, it's vibrant and the shirt feels nice (I was afraid it might be that shiny polyester fabric that all-over prints tend to be printed on now, but it feels like a comfy old t-shirt)

I also just discovered print all over me, and uploaded some of my repeating pattern prints to a bunch of summer dresses. I ordered one for myself (I bet you'll never guess which pattern!) and I can't wait for it to get here!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

clever girl

This week I went to see Jurassic World for the second time and, as usual, I had to dress for the occasion. (I posted my first Jurassic World outfit on instagram, here, before I had started blogging again) I don't love this movie quite as much as Jurassic Park but it's so fun and all of the easter eggs they threw in for fans of the original film made me embarrassingly weepy, ugh. Also, CHRIS PRATT. I've liked him ever since he was on Everwood a long time ago (and of course as Andy Dwyer) so it's just surreal and so exciting that he finally gets to be the big movie star he always should have been. YAY CHRIS! (Although, I should add, as much as I adore Chris Pratt, my favorite character in the movie is definitely Jake Johnson's Lowery.)

Like any good Jurassic Park fan, I liked to be bedecked in dinosaurs from head to toe. This dress is actually one of my favorites EVER. It fits great, it has pockets, and, oh, did I mention, DINOSAURS! I like that it's subtle from far away but once you look up close you realize it has the best novelty print of all time.

And like any good Jurassic Park fan who also makes her own jewelry, of course I had to make some stuff for the movie. My favorite is the Clever Girl brooch (these are hand painted and available in four colors, plus black and white) but I went a little overboard and made like eight different brooches and a necklace plus some artwork because I am just THAT big of a fan. If you're interested you can take a peek at all of my Jurassic Park/World stuff here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

two things

1) I'm obsessed with trying to style my hair like Brigitte Bardot, I even have a folder on my computer called "Hair goals" that's entirely pictures of her head. I think this is the closest I've gotten so far, but my hair probably needs to grow a bit more before I get it perfect.

2) I got this dress on sale and was like "HALF PRICE! NICE!" and then literally the next day it dropped down to 75% off and now it's only $20. Thanks, universe.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

happy ice cream day

dress - asos | cardigan - h&m | shoes -  bait footwear | brooch - my shop

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

previously in my life

Ten months is a long time. While I've been away I've been wasting time on the internet, getting obsessed with movie stars and tv shows, and generally not having much of a life, as per ush. Here's a brief summary!

+ I started tumblr-ing again
+ I got clip-on 3D glasses for people who wear glasses (life changing!)
+ I'm obsessed with Maurice Ronet (fav. film of his: The Fire Within)
+ I'm binge watching and loving Arrow (thanks Casey!)
+ I met David Duchovny! (!!!) and he said he liked my hat! (!!!!)
+ I also met Jane Krakowski! I wasn't wearing a hat that day
+ I started a tumblr dedicated to awesome sleeves, because why not
+ I started scanning my delia*s catalog collection
+ Me and Nicole went to a Chris Hardwick show (fun!)
+ I had my wisdom teeth removed (not fun!)
+ I opened my own online storefront
+ I got one of these tablets (also life changing!)
+ I went to Seattle to visit my awesome friend, The Millie
+ So far this year I've read 23 books (this was my favorite)
+ I'm obsessed with Hindsight (it's on hulu! go watch!)
+ I completed my 10 months of training at the CIA (shh...)
+ Haha, I'm just kidding
+ OR AM I? ...

Monday, July 13, 2015

speaking of bicycles

Yesterday I went bicycle shopping and thought this seemed like an appropriate bike-testing outfit. I ended up getting a pretty blue cruiser and can I just say that resisting the urge to ride the bike down the aisles at Target was one of the hardest tests of willpower I've ever had to endure.

overalls - asos | shoes - h&m | tights - target

Saturday, July 11, 2015

it's not like riding a bicycle

I don't remember how to do this. Taking pictures, I mean. I've still been getting dressed the last 10 months. I swear.

dress - charlotte russe | jacket - vintage | shoes - vintage

Monday, July 6, 2015

it's a good thing I never tried smoking...

... because apparently I'm really bad at quitting things.

I'm like one of those singers who keeps having retirement concerts every five years. Or a furniture store that's been having a "going out of business" sale for the last decade. I'm the most indecisive person on the planet. Or maybe I'm not. Or maybe I am.

Anyway, it looks like you just can't get rid of me. Sorry!! I'm not planning on blogging the way I used to, but I am blogging. I don't want to keep a schedule, I don't want to accept advertising (or c/o stuff), I don't want to write much text to go with my posts, and I don't want to actively promote my blog. So basically I just want to create content and enjoy myself. I don't want this to be anything other than a fun way for me to share my outfits, my artwork, my projects, and occasionally my strange, strange thoughts. Sound good?

So as you can probably tell from my photo, some things have changed in the last 10 months! I went back to my natural hair color out of sheer laziness (no more dying my hair every three weeks, huzzah!) and I'm now wearing glasses full time. (Sidenote - if you're like me and have trouble finding cute glasses that don't cover your eyebrows, these are perfection.)

Is it crazy that one of the main reasons I decided to come back was to share this one particular outfit? It's definitely crazy. BUT. I felt it was important that I share this groundbreaking discovery. You know those lace dresses that come with flimsy, clingy, unattached slip dresses? They are my new summer wardrobe holy grail. I've been wearing them with rompers underneath instead of the slip dresses and not only is it pretty but it's like wearing shorts while looking like you're wearing a dress. You can ride your bike, sit cross-legged on the grass, etc. It's awesome.

I think that's about it for now. See you soon. xo

dress- dahlia | romper - forever 21 | shoes - bait footwear