Tuesday, July 14, 2015

previously in my life

Ten months is a long time. While I've been away I've been wasting time on the internet, getting obsessed with movie stars and tv shows, and generally not having much of a life, as per ush. Here's a brief summary!

+ I started tumblr-ing again
+ I got clip-on 3D glasses for people who wear glasses (life changing!)
+ I'm obsessed with Maurice Ronet (fav. film of his: The Fire Within)
+ I'm binge watching and loving Arrow (thanks Casey!)
+ I met David Duchovny! (!!!) and he said he liked my hat! (!!!!)
+ I also met Jane Krakowski! I wasn't wearing a hat that day
+ I started a tumblr dedicated to awesome sleeves, because why not
+ I started scanning my delia*s catalog collection
+ Me and Nicole went to a Chris Hardwick show (fun!)
+ I had my wisdom teeth removed (not fun!)
+ I opened my own online storefront
+ I got one of these tablets (also life changing!)
+ I went to Seattle to visit my awesome friend, The Millie
+ So far this year I've read 23 books (this was my favorite)
+ I'm obsessed with Hindsight (it's on hulu! go watch!)
+ I completed my 10 months of training at the CIA (shh...)
+ Haha, I'm just kidding
+ OR AM I? ...