Monday, July 27, 2015

she's pixelated

My pictures are coming out in this weird combination of overly pixelated, but also kind of blurry and slightly too sharp? I do own a real DSLR camera, I should probably just start using it instead of my iphone :\

Also, does my t-shirt look familiar? It's my favorite pattern from my vintage bedding digital kit that I subsequently had made into a rug and iphone case. Society6 just started selling all-over print t-shirts so naturally I was drawn to it like a cat to catnip. I'm really happy with how it looks in person, it's vibrant and the shirt feels nice (I was afraid it might be that shiny polyester fabric that all-over prints tend to be printed on now, but it feels like a comfy old t-shirt)

I also just discovered print all over me, and uploaded some of my repeating pattern prints to a bunch of summer dresses. I ordered one for myself (I bet you'll never guess which pattern!) and I can't wait for it to get here!