Thursday, July 23, 2015

clever girl

This week I went to see Jurassic World for the second time and, as usual, I had to dress for the occasion. (I posted my first Jurassic World outfit on instagram, here, before I had started blogging again) I don't love this movie quite as much as Jurassic Park but it's so fun and all of the easter eggs they threw in for fans of the original film made me embarrassingly weepy, ugh. Also, CHRIS PRATT. I've liked him ever since he was on Everwood a long time ago (and of course as Andy Dwyer) so it's just surreal and so exciting that he finally gets to be the big movie star he always should have been. YAY CHRIS! (Although, I should add, as much as I adore Chris Pratt, my favorite character in the movie is definitely Jake Johnson's Lowery.)

Like any good Jurassic Park fan, I liked to be bedecked in dinosaurs from head to toe. This dress is actually one of my favorites EVER. It fits great, it has pockets, and, oh, did I mention, DINOSAURS! I like that it's subtle from far away but once you look up close you realize it has the best novelty print of all time.

And like any good Jurassic Park fan who also makes her own jewelry, of course I had to make some stuff for the movie. My favorite is the Clever Girl brooch (these are hand painted and available in four colors, plus black and white) but I went a little overboard and made like eight different brooches and a necklace plus some artwork because I am just THAT big of a fan. If you're interested you can take a peek at all of my Jurassic Park/World stuff here.