Thursday, August 18, 2011

star stuff

Lauren posted this AMAZING book on her blog last week & gave me permission to share it here too! :D I think the only thing I love more than science graphics are old school science graphics (in this case quite literally old. school.) I especially love the graphic in the third photo down, with the caption "Look at a nearby object with one eye at a time and it will appear to shift and line up with different objects in the background" because I do that ALL THE TIME. Does anyone else? If nobody else says they do this in the comments, I'm going to come back later and delete that sentence so I don't look quite as crazy, just so you know...

Anyway, as much as I love science, my grasp on most of it is still pretty much elementary school level, so a book like this is right up my alley. As much as I want to understand the Biocentrism book I'm *trying to* read right now, I find myself re-reading every paragraph 10 times each time they bring up quantum physics. (Does anyone actually understand quantum physics? Oh my gosh.) There was one passage I read the other night that explained that the whole "if a tree falls in the forest when nobody is around, does it still make a noise?" question is stupid to begin with because the tree only exists if someone is there to see it. I started thinking, okay.. so does that mean that when I go to sleep at night in my bedroom, the kitchen doesn't exist anymore since I'm not there to see it? hmmmm? Right now I'm facing my computer, does that mean my bed isn't behind me anymore until I turn around to look at it? (just looked.. phew, it's still there!)

I actually looked. Like, that wasn't meant to be funny. It's seriously still there, I checked.

I think my grasp on this whole theory is really really bad because part of me thinks that if I got to sit down with a real quantum physicist and asked them about my whole kitchen theory, they'd laugh in my face.

I have no idea how this turned into a post about my lack of quantum physics prowess, except maybe that I'm typing this at 5am and I haven't been to bed yet? Oh, I schedule these posts, you're not imagining that it posted at 6pm. Of course when you turn around and stop looking at your computer, my post won't exist AT ALL. How about THAT.