Sunday, August 14, 2011

darn you, youtube.

If anyone else has a white/light colored blog and is scarily obsessive picky about how all of their colors match, you'll be equally irritated by youtube's new black embed player. I went back to look at an old post yesterday, and as I was scrolling down the page I noticed these ugly black bars standing out like sore thumbs against my pretty white background. "Umm, where did YOU come from?" I asked them. They replied that youtube had changed the style of their players, and that this affected all previously embedded videos as well. When I asked how I could get them back to light grey, they snarkily told me to search on google myself :p

So I found this tutorial which gives you a line of code that you can insert into your embed code to get the old color back. The only problem is that you need to manually insert this code into old *and* new codes. There is no option to select gray when you're embedding a video now (remember how you used to be able to pick purple or pink? I miss those days.) so I'm keeping that little line of code someplace handy from now on. Personally I think this is pretty stupid, though, since most people have light colored websites, right? ergh.

Anyway, I just thought I'd post this in case anyone else had a similar panic attack but didn't have talkative youtube players to help them find a solution...

arrows c/o hello vanny!