Thursday, August 11, 2011

two fortnights

shirt - vintage
skirt - vintage
shoes - blowfish
belt - forever 21
vest - vintage from my mom

I actually took these photos about a month ago, but completely forgot to post them! I feel like I'm breaking some kind of unwritten blogging rule by posting them now but I really liked this outfit, so I didn't want to let it disappear in my desktop archives :)

I actually wore this skirt with the same shirt & shoes a few months ago, but it's amazing how adding a belt & wearing this vest makes the outfit totally different! Also, this skirt has buttons running all the way up the front but I keep wearing it backwards. I'm really into backwards clothing lately.. the dress I wore Monday was backwards, too! It has a really deep v in the front, but I think it looks more chic in the back! :D