Thursday, August 4, 2011

clarissa explains insects

dress - modcloth
sweater - h&m
belt - modcloth
tights - h&m
shoes - high school
necklace - some beach store

This dress is covered in insects! You can't tell too much since my photos aren't close-ups but you can see it better in the product listing here. I got it for three reasons - I love novelty prints, Clarissa had pajamas covered in ants, and my dad has a glow in the dark roach print t-shirt that I've loved since I was a kid. So I guess my dad is a bit of a style icon for me too? ha! He'd laugh if he read that.. I always make fun of him for accidentally wearing his shirts inside out, and with the collars all bent out of shape. He's very absent-minded professor-ish. Almost eerily smart, but he has no idea how to dress himself.

Luckily I only inherited the eerily smart gene ;) har har. Actually neither of my parents like clothes very much. My mom has like 8 dresses that she wears on rotation, and my dad wears the same old polo shirt & jean combination every day. Somehow me and my brother both ended up being very interested in style, though. Whenever he mocks my extensive dress collection I just mention his tie hoarding problem and he drops the subject completely ;)