Sunday, August 28, 2011

slumber party sunday

Sorry this is up so late this week! Yesterday afternoon our power started browning out, so I decided to unplug my computer just in case, and didn't turn it back on until the storm had passed. Luckily the lights just dimmed a few times, and that was it. I'm actually surprised... we get black outs when it's merely drizzling outside, and yet the power survived a full-blown hurricane. We fared pretty well.. a few leaks, but no flooding or anything. I hope everyone else is okay, as well!!

Now onto the sleepover! I'm a *huge* fan of cookie dough, so I'm super excited to make the treats I included this week. The soundtrack section is officially gone until someone can help me come up with more songs. TOTALLY drawing a blank there. For the movie I chose one of my favorite cartoons, ever! And lastly, part 3 of the 4 part ghost story! So let's get started! :D

Chocolate chip cookie dough truffles. YUM!! I've always loved those movie theater cookie dough snacks, and this looks like a homemade version, which is probably (who am I kidding.. definitely) SO much better! I can't wait to make these and munch while I'm watching the movie! :D Recipe via Love & Olive Oil.

Words cannot describe how much I love this movie! I first saw Anastasia when I was a kid, but it didn't click as a favorite until I was a little older, probably after I went through my Russian history obsession phase in high school (which, my history channel viewing habits would prove, hasn't quite ended yet). Obviously the movie is far from fact, but the whole era fascinates me so much, and it's wonderfully portrayed in the film. Oh, and is it possible to marry cartoon characters? Because Dimitri is like the most drop dead gorgeous animated man I've ever laid my eyes on. *Swoon* Watch it on netflix // Buy it on amazon // Watch it on amazon // Watch it on youtube // Download the torrent

truth: What is your most embarrassing guilty pleasure favorite movie?
dare: Wear your clothing backwards tomorrow.