Wednesday, August 17, 2011

back to school

dress - old navy
shirt - vintage
belt - forever 21
shoes - blowfish

I've been out of school for almost 8 years now (ok now I feel old) and as much as I am THRILLED that I no longer have tests, homework, annoying crushes on boys who never noticed me, mean teachers, and my alarm waking me up way too early five days a week... I miss back to school shopping. My heart aches when I step into Target and Staples this time of year. All those pretty notebooks and backpacks, shaped erasers and colored index cards! Colorful sets of magic markers, lisa frank folders and lunch boxes with matching thermoses. I miss them so much!

I also miss picking out that oh-so-important first day of school outfit. I was always a total dork in school with no sense of style whatsoever, but oh, how I loved those first day of school outfits.