saturday night movie: libel

I'm like to think I'm a pretty smart person, but when it comes to movies I hardly ever figure out the twists before they occur. I know if I put my mind to it, I could.. but I'm usually so caught up in the story that I don't try to figure out what's going to happen while the movie is playing. Such was the case with Libel. I'd imagine some people out there might guess the ending before it happens or figure out all the twists before the movie is halfway finished... but I was surprised every step of the way, as confused and shocked as the screenwriters hoped their audience would be.

The film is about a wealthy British aristocrat, Sir Mark Sebastian Loddon, who sues a newspaper for libel after they print an accusation that he is an imposter. What seems like a simple case of slander actually turns into a case of stolen identity when it's revealed that there were two men -- almost identical -- who escaped from a POW camp together, Sir Mark Loddon and the scoundrel Frank Welney. Only one of them returned, and said he was Sir Mark.

As soon as they introduce the character of Frank Welney into the proceedings, you the viewer and all of the characters in the film are suddenly thrown into a sea of doubt. Is Sir Mark actually Frank Welney? If so, whatever happened to the real Sir Mark?

Dirk Bogarde plays Sir Mark Loddon in the present setting, Sir Mark in the prison camp flashbacks, and Frank Welney. Dirk Bogarde is one of those people who sometimes looks completely different from one photo to the next, so while his Sir Mark does look remarkably like Frank Welney, you don't for a minute doubt that these are two different people- not twins or one person playing dual roles. And his present-day Sir Mark looks even different still! It's really impossible to tell just from appearances which man is calling himself Sir Mark Loddon.

Libel has an outstanding supporting cast, including one of my favorite character actors, Robert Morley and Wilfrid Hyde-White (who is always, in my mind, Col. Pickering) and features a pretty impressive performance by Olivia de Havilland as Dirk Bogarde's wife. In a way, her role is connected to the audience in that what she feels, we feel. Close-ups of her reactions to developments in the case are used as hints as to what she is thinking, and what we should think. When she has complete faith in her husband, so do we. And when she doubts her husband, so do we.

If you're looking for an edge-of-your-seat courtroom thriller, I highly suggest Libel! And if you're just looking for a Dirk Bogarde film to enjoy, look no further than Libel, where you get two Dirk's for the price of one!

Libel is available to rent on Amazon here.

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summer sponsorship discount extended!

I'm getting excited about pumpkin everything (although I'm probably the only person in blogland who doesn't drink lattes!) Halloween costume planning, sweaters and crisp autumn air... but I'm still hanging onto summer pretty tight this year.

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Happy summer! ;)

notes to my younger self

Notes To My Younger Self is a series of posts by bloggers helping spread the word about The Post College Survival Kit, by Sarah from Yes and Yes. We learned the hard way so you don’t have to! You don’t have to wait till your thirties for a better job, a cuter apartment, financial stability, better relationships + friendships.

When Sarah asked if I'd participate in her "notes to my younger self" blog crawl, in which bloggers lend advice to their 22 year old selves, I immediately said yes. But then I realized that I'm almost just as clueless about life at 27 as I was at 22. So my main advice to 22 year old me is to take chances, be adventurous, make mistakes, jump at opportunities and live life so fully that at 27 I'd be a wise old soul who could dispense sage advice and smile fondly at her past foibles.

Dear 22 Year Old Kate,

Oh, Kate. You need to stop being so horribly shy and scared to live. It's a lot easier to break that mold now, it's a lot harder when we're getting closer to (gasp!) thirty. Talk to other humans, it's not that bad. Go outside more. Learn to drive and then drive somewhere far away. Take day trips alone, make friends and take day trips with them, too. Go to the movies once in a while. Try new foods. Find a cute, smart guy and ask him out. It won't be the end of the world if he says no.

Don't drop out of college. Yes, art shows are starting to take off and it looks like a college degree won't be necessary but believe you me, it is. Even if we got lucky & art supported us forever (sorry to break it to you, it won't) it wouldn't hurt to have that degree under our belt. You were SO close to finishing! Just do it!

Be happy with what you have. You'll spend most of your twenties wishing for something better, but in reality you're a pretty lucky duck. You have a family that loves you, a roof over your head, food on the table, adorable cats, and basically all of your favorite shows are available to watch instantly on Netflix, so what on earth are you moping about?

Try fruit flavored ice creams. It's a crying shame that I didn't get to discover their gloriousness until I was 26. Fix that immediately! Turn on NBC on Thursday and watch The Office. It's going to be your favorite show when you discover it years from now. It's one of the few things in this world that makes us smile no matter how bad the day is -- so it should really be a part of your life much sooner.

Learn the correct way to address your former self in a letter, and which tenses to use when talking about our life, your life or my life. Trust me, it'll come in handy in about five years.

It takes us a while to get to the point where I can say this but... I kind of love you.

xo Kate

tattoo talk

Sarah from The Laughing Medusa interviewed me about my tattoo on her blog yesterday. Click here to read why I got it, what I'd do differently and my plans for future tattoos :)


I thought it would be fun to do a little remix post, I haven't done one in ages! I think it's partially because when an item in my closet gets worn a lot I tend to wear it in a similar way every time. If I get something brand new I might find an interesting way to incorporate it into an outfit but my tried and true favorites end up getting worn in a similar fashion each and every time. This dress is one of my absolute favorites.. I've only taken photos a handful of the times I've worn it (I think it's neat that I have at least one from each of my rooms though!) It's covered in tiny little plastic beads (they remind me of those dot candies that come attached to strips of paper) and I've worn it so much that they're starting to fall off!

Outfit one: April 2013 - a new chapter
Outfit two: September 2013 - candy dots
Outfit three: April 2014 - happy easter!
Outfit four: August 2014 - if the shoe fits

This is a really good example of how I do a variation on the same outfit when I really love a dress, lol. It's basically white/offwhite shirt / belt / matching shoes every time lol. Strangely though I feel like they are actually a little different - the first and last ones are my favorites. I love how the orange looks against the beige sheer blouse in the first outfit and the contrast against the minty green tights in the last one!

Outfit one: November 2013 - christmasitis
Outfit two: August 2013 - ears looking at you
Outfit three: September 2013 - the hypatia dress, take three
Outfit four: December 2012 - a new favorite

Last but not least is one of my favorite cardigans. Honestly sometimes it's hard not to add this cardigan on top of every dress and call it a day. Whenever I have to quickly get dressed and run out the door, I'll usually grab one of my favorite solid-color dresses and throw on this cardigan for an outfit that feels put-together and fun without putting much thought into it ;)

Outfit one: November 2013 - trousers and cats
Outfit two: February 2014 - let the rain pitter patter
Outfit three: May 2014 - on a roll
Outfit four: July 2014 - copycat

holiday dreaming

I'm still having a hard time shaking off this cold, blergh! I don't know about you but whenever I get sick in the summer I get really disoriented about what season it is. Colds just feel like winter. You take up a steady diet of tea and soup, bundle yourself in bed with a hundred blankets and watch feel-good movies in between coughing fits. You're stuck inside so as far as your body knows, it's snowing and the temperature is hovering just above zero.

So maybe that's why when I saw this ASOS holiday preview on Refinery29 I felt all warm and fuzzy inside. Or maybe it was just the sudafed taking effect. Either way, some of these pieces are so pretty I really can't wait until they're available. The one in the top left corner looks like one of those rare seems-like-vintage-but-is-actually-new dresses, and the one in the right corner is a dream come true -- an all-over photographic print dress that *isn't* bodycon. Hooray!

saturday night movie: jules et jim

"They could have been beautiful"

"The yearnings of two hearts create such heavenly pain"

This morning I woke up thinking about the movie I had watched last night, Jules et Jim. It's my new favorite.

If the movie that I watch tonight is any good, it will also be my new favorite. It will not push aside Jules et Jim.. it will just squeeze in beside it at first place. My favorite film is 1000 films.

I have about three or four go-to movies when people ask my favorite (usually Sunday in New York, Sullivan's Travels, Hot Enough for June and Le Notti Bianche) but really those few movies are tied with hundreds more.

My favorite films stick with me. My love for Jules et Jim will not fade when a movie I watch next week hits me like a ton of bricks. Like all of my favorites, Jules et Jim will stick with me forever. But even if you are the kind of person with only two favorites, or ten... if you watch Jules et Jim I guarantee you will count it among them.

Jules et Jim is the story of two men -- one German, one French -- who remain best friends during the Great War and when one friend loves the other's wife. It is a breathtaking film; absolutely beautiful and wistful and heartbreaking. It stars Jeanne Moreau and one of my new favorite actors, (not pushing anyone aside, just saying "hello" and keeping all the others company) Oskar Werner.

It's not really the kind of film you can describe (or at least not the kind I can describe) so I recommend just watching it to see what I mean when I say that once you see it you will never forget it. It's available on hulu plus here or on amazon here.

One of the highlights of the film is Jeanne Moreau singing a pretty song Le Tourbillon:

This post was originally published on my movie blog, Silents and Talkies.
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