Style Idol - Jane Fonda

This coat reminds me of this one on ASOS and now that I've seen this photo of Jane Fonda I really want to recreate her look. And now I'm thinking that I might want to turn my Style Idol posts into a "get the look" kind of thing where I find pieces that would match what the stars are wearing in the photo. Hmm...

love spider

I can't believe that I actually have this dress in my possession. I originally ordered it from Unique Vintage about a month ago, and then a week later I got a refund with a note that they had sold out and were not planning on restocking. I complained about it to Sammi, who found the dress in my size on Poshmark! So I quickly ordered that one, and then the next day the seller e-mailed me to say that she had sold it on a different platform before I bought it, so they cancelled my order too. Ahhh! Then Sammi found ANOTHER one on Poshmark. I woke up every morning anticipating a cancellation email in my inbox, but after one week it finally shipped! I fully expected it to get lost in the mail, since it seemed like me and this dress were destined to be star-crossed, but, as you can see from these photos, it did indeed arrive! Hooray!

So why was this dress so important to me? Why did I need it so desperately? It has little heart shaped spiders all over it, and that is my family "mascot." When I was little my parents used to draw heart shaped spiders on notes to me, on my lunch bag for school, etc. It's called the love spider, and it is a symbol that we all love each other. (My parents' pet name for each other is "creep" in case you were wondering why anyone would choose a spider for their family mascot that should probably give you an idea of what we're like, haha!)

I'm just so thrilled that I managed to get my hands on one of these frocks. A HUGE thank you to Sammi for tracking this down for me! I told her she should start a clothing detective agency, she's so good at finding unicorn items!

The dress is mostly sold out at Unique Vintage, except in size XL here, and 4X here. And as of right now it's also available in 2X on Poshmark here and here.

un deux trois

I went back and looked at the photos from the last time I wore this dress and they are SO bright! It was early August so sunshine was still a thing. We've been having fall sunshine (ie. no sunshine) paired with summer weather. It's been really hot but it looks like 5pm all day long. I've been doing this outfit post thing since 2011 and I'm *still* frustrated when fall shows up and I forget how to adjust my camera settings accordingly.

Anyway. This post is not about sunshine and weather, it's about remixing this pencil print dress! I love when a dress has multiple colors so you can wear a ton of different cardigans, sweaters, shoes, etc. and still be matchy. This one has five different colors (maroon, grey, blue, red, and yellow) so there are a lot of possibilities!

Do you want to guess which outfit was my favorite? I'll spill the beans at the end of the post! :)

Remixed item: Pencil print dress from Modcloth

Shirt: ASOS
Shoes: Aldo

I've been re-watching The Mindy Project (and hating Danny so much, omg!) and it's making me want to do all the layering and pattern clashing and invest in a ton of sweater vests. Since this print is kind of subtle I thought it was perfect for pairing with this heart print cardigan that has a similar color scheme. And then I kept it simple with a matching belt and nude shoes. Very Mindy, imho!

Remixed item: Pencil print dress from Modcloth

Sweater: Amazon
Necklace: Old Navy
Shoes: Bait Footwear

Have you ever done a faux-crop on a sweater? I love doing this because it makes outfits look more proportional and fitted and it's so easy. Just fold the bottom of the sweater up to your waist, and then back down again to create a little sweater belt! It's so much easier than sewing a new hem on a sweater or trying to find a pre-cropped sweater for sale.

Remixed item: Pencil print dress from Modcloth

Cardigan: Forever21 (old)
Shoes: Aldo
Tights: Amazon
French Fries brooch: Kinks & Quirks

This is probably my go-to look for any dress -- a cardigan, a belt, a brooch, and tights. Voila! You're good to go. Lately I've been liking the look of wearing shoes the same color as my tights since it has a lengthening effect on my short legs.

Did you guess which outfit was my favorite? It was the second one with the red sweater. My Mindy outfit would be a close second :)

DIY vote sweater

When sweater weather and the midterm elections coincide, there is only one thing to do - make a sweater that says "Vote!" This is a really simple and quick DIY that you can whip up during an episode of tv (sidenote: I just started watching Schitt's Creek and I highly recommend it! It's so funny!) It's so easy I already made two in different colors (mustard and this pink one.) Of course you can also make this sweater with another saying, but I can't think of anything more important right now than encouraging people to vote :)

And if you're not crafty but you still want this design, I added it to my Threadless store here so it's available on sweatshirts, t-shirts, totes, etc.!

Materials needed:

- A plain knit sweater (I used this one and this one)
- Thick yarn (I used medium size Red Heart yarn in Bordeaux)
- Large plastic needle
- Carbon paper
- Embroidery hoop (optional)
- Vote! template (Download here)

First you'll want to put a smooth hard surface in your sweater (I used a large hardcover book) and then lay the carbon paper on top of the sweater. Decide where you want to place the template, and then trace over the design. I used this stylus, but you can also use a pen with its cap on or the end of a paintbrush... anything with a pen-like tip that will apply enough pressure to transfer the design to your sweater.

Once the design is transferred, thread your needle (if it's hard getting the yarn through the needle eye, you can put some scotch tape on the end to get it through easier) and use a split stitch to embroider the design. I knotted off my yarn and started again each time I reached an end so that there isn't a lot of excess thread on the inside of the sweater. For the dot at the end of the exclamation mark I used a french knot stitch. You can find explanations of how to do all different stitches here.

You can also do a backstitch instead if that's easier for you. I tested a backstitch and a split stitch and this one created a thicker, more fluid line. But it was more time consuming and used a bit more yarn. It all depends on what you're comfortable with and how much time you have! I also tested this with and without an embroidery hoop. It's much, much easier with the hoop because you aren't really losing your design in folds of fabric. But it's definitely possible to do it without one as well. And it didn't really affect the design in any way (there wasn't more puckering without the hoop, for example.) So, again, just do whatever is more comfortable for you. I wouldn't necessarily go out and buy a hoop just to do this sweater if you don't already have one on hand.

And that's it! The last step is just wearing the sweater as often as possible between now and November 6th to remind people that they have to get out there and Vote! :)

cat and mouse

I have to have a medical test today that will determine if I have to have a very-very-very unwanted procedure next month so please keep your fingers crossed for me! I won't find out the results until next week so I'm sure I'm going to be a big bundle of anxiety for the next seven days.

Although I've been really good at coming up with ways to distract myself or reduce stress over the last couple months. With smaller things I try to tell myself that I won't even remember this setback in a month or a years time (which is so true about most things that stress us out!) and why not just get over it today instead of waiting a few weeks. And for the bigger stresses like medical bills, health issues, and politics, distraction is what gets me through it. Watching new tv (for some reason my mind wanders more when I rewatch old favorites), scary movies (hey, those people about to get murdered have it WAY worse than I do!) and playing with my cat. Literally nothing erases a frown like seeing Arrietty rolling around on the floor with a toy stuffed with catnip!

out of the darkness walk

Today is Mental Health Awareness Day. Somebody close to me is a suicide survivor who struggles with depression. My loved one sought out help when they needed it, and even though they made it through I still panic over the thought of what could have happened, or what could still happen if those thoughts come back again. It's terrifying, absolutely terrifying to watch someone you love struggle with this, and even more terrifying to grapple with the very real possibility that you could lose them. I don't think I'm verbalizing my feelings very well here, it was just a very scary time for our family and it made me realize how important it is to bring awareness to this cause.

On October 28th I'm going to be participating in the Out of the Darkness walk. I'm trying to raise money for my walk right here. Even if you can only donate $1, I would appreciate it so much. This cause is so close to my heart, and it would just mean the world to me if anyone could spare just a dollar or so to support it.

If you or a loved one are struggling with suicidal thoughts, please call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. And if you think someone you love may be suicidal, talk to them. Here is a list of risk factors and warning signs.

wishlist wednesday

1. pink spiderweb cardigan
2. pink hoop earrings
3. coffin handbag
4. ghost print dress
5. costume lapel pin
6. spider tights
7. pink saddle shoes
8. skeleton dress
9. skeleton earrings
10. ouija sweatshirt

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