crying with happiness emoji

Let me just get this out of the way: I'm leaving for Paris and Rome ONE WEEK FROM TODAY. *crying with happiness emoji, but also the nervous grinning one because I'm very anxious*

I don't know if I ever mentioned this, but my trip was originally scheduled for late August, which was a perfect time for me -- not much going on in my life in August. But then the tour that I had signed up for didn't get enough interest and they had to move me into a different tour that had the requisite number of tourists signed on. The only two options they gave me were either during my cruise to Alaska in September (I'm taking my Grandmom as an 80th birthday present) OR the same week as my Mom's birthday, my Grandmom's birthday, and a Killers concert. I obviously had to pick the latter (it would have been kind of complicated to fly to Paris mid-cruise!) which starting today, the next week is INSANE. Today is my Grandmom's birthday, then next week I have my Mom's birthday and the concert (which is the night before my plane leaves!)

I'm also hoping to squeeze in a day trip to New York because The Film Forum is playing an Alain Delon film on Tuesday (It's called Two Men in Town, and even if you can't make it to see it in NYC I'd highly recommend watching it on DVD. It's really good!) The Film Forum is doing a series of French movies starring Jean Gabin, Lino Ventura, and Jean-Paul Belmondo at the moment and I basically wish I could just live in New York until it's over.

cardigan - old navy | brooch - my shop | purple rug - amazon

posh frock friday

Normally I only post one photo per outfit, or maybe two if I want to show detail or something, but I always feel like that's more than enough. HOWEVER. I had so much fun taking the pictures for this outfit that I honestly couldn't narrow it down and had to do five.

^ New favorite outfit photo of all time?????

Posh Frock Friday is obviously about getting dolled up, but it's also about having fun with your clothes. If you own something that's perfect for twirling and you think you need to reserve it for a special occasion, just remember that the act of wearing a pretty dress is a special occasion, and reason enough to twirl your heart out!

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wishlist wednesday

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Sammi sent me the link to this table last week and before I knew it I'd bought one for my room along with a scallop-edged comforter, too. And then the next thing I knew I was googling more scalloped stuff and falling down a scallop-edged rabbit hole, home to scallop-edged rabbits.

cold mountain

Yesterday I re-watched Cold Mountain, I don't think I had seen it in a few years, but I was obsessed with it when it came out in 2003. I remember going to a locally owned CD store about a block away from my house and pre-ordering the soundtrack, then picking it up on my way to art class in college. I couldn't wait for the class to end so I could just listen to the soundtrack all night. It was that horrible in-between time when a movie isn't in theaters anymore, but it's not on DVD yet, so all you have to cling to is the music. The only other movie I can think of where I experienced this level of infatuation was The Man From UNCLE, which came out last year.

It's also one of those movies where I can't quite figure out if it's objectively THAT GOOD, or just has some kind of personal resonance for me that makes me love it to bits. I'm sure Jude Law has something to do with it (I've been a fan of his ever since I saw Cold Mountain) but I don't revisit his other films as often as I come back to this one. It just feels so poetic and gentle, and I always feel kind of misty after watching it.

dress and jacket - asos (old) | shoes - bait footwear
belt - not sure | purple rug - amazon


A couple months ago I got this skirt in a mystery grab bag I bought from Whurl and I wasn't sure what to pair it with until I got this black bardot bodysuit in the mail for my upcoming trip. I feel like this is definitely going to be repeated a lot this summer.

I got so many things for my trip that seemed so perfect as I was adding them to my cart -- imagining myself wearing them whilst sitting at an outdoor cafe snacking on a baguette -- but then once I started actually packing this week a lot of those purchases didn't make the cut. This bodysuit is still a maybe, and the shoes (purchased like SIX MONTHS AGO because I've been looking forward to this vacation for what seems like forever) are definitely not coming. As far as shoes go, I'm trading style for comfort and probably sticking with keds or flat sandals.

bodysuit- asos | skirt - vintage / whurl

clever girl

Are you sick of me counting down the days until my trip yet? Because I am leaving TWO WEEKS FROM TODAY. WHAT.

I'm supposed to be getting my information packet in the mail either today or early next week, which will give me a better idea of my itinerary and the logistics of the small stressful things like getting from the airport to the hotel. I have my luggage sitting out in my room now, kind of like a semi-exciting-semi-daunting visual reminder that I need to start figuring out what to pack. I bought a power adapter. Things are happening.

Also, totally unrelated to my trip (except I guess for the fact that if you buy one you'll help me to eat food and not starve myself while I'm in Europe) my clever girl lapel pins are new and improved, and back in stock! I have a limited number available for my first run -- if you're interested you can snatch one up right here. And don't forget I have a blog reader discount code! You guys can always take 10% off any order with code "Brilliant" :)

dress - asos (similar) | shoes - vintage | blouse - asos

posh frock friday

This dress actually doesn't quite fit over my hips (I like to pretend that it's entirely because I'm so short that my hips are higher than they are on the dress but it's probably more likely that I just have enormous hips) so I created a blouse (blouson? what is the word?) effect at the waist to compensate. I think it actually looks pretty cool and kind of flapper-ish with this necklace? Anyway, with the sleeves on this dress there was no way I wasn't going to find a way to make it work.

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dress - vintage | shoes - bait footwear | necklace - forever 21 I think

junk food

When I was sorting through my clothes for my upcoming shop my closet sale I stumbled upon this dress that I hadn't worn since like... 2011? (Surprisingly it's STILL available on modcloth!? That has to be a first.) I was so glad when I tried it on and found that it still fit, albeit with a little less wiggle-room than before. eek! I guess it's somewhat ironic that this dress is covered in drawings of foods whose consumption would cause me to outgrow the dress, lol ;p

In all seriousness though, finding this reminded me that I really need to start wearing some of my forgotten pieces in my wardrobe.. I have such a habit of falling back on the same things over and over again while really unique and special dresses like this just sit on their hangers for years on end.

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