TCM Film Festival - Part 1

I didn't mean to abandon my blog while I was on vacation... oops! I was just having so much fun!! I think I only got to take two proper outfit posts, too! Yikes! Touristy snapshots will just have to suffice for now. I was really happy with all of my outfits so I need to share them anyway :)

The first day was pretty amazing. My friends and I have known each other for five years but this was our first time getting together as a group. We've been discussing it ever since we met, dreaming about our "five year epic meetup" but I think all of us were doubtful that it would ever actually happen. We all have busy lives and the thought that everyone would be able to drop what they're doing for a week to meet at the same time seemed so unlikely! But when the TCM Film Festival idea came up, we all jumped on board. We originally met through our classic film blogs (I used to blog regularly at Silents & Talkies before I started Scathingly Brilliant) and it was just SO fitting.

Left to right: Millie, Me, Nicole, Sarah, Casey

On our first day we went out to eat at a cute little restaurant and then split up temporarily. Casey got to go to a really cool TCM social networking party, and the rest of us played typical tourists on Hollywood Blvd. I majorly freaked out at Grauman's Chinese Theater. I've been dreaming about seeing Frank Sinatra's handprints since I was thirteen, so that was beyond exciting for me. (That's me with Frank's prints in the picture at the top.)

Some of the highlights of the trip were seeing Alec Baldwin in person (Jack Donaghy!) falling in love with The Beatles at the Hard Day's Night screening, seeing my all time favorite movie, Sunday in New York, on the big screen (I wept with happiness, omg!), two midnight screenings (I've been trying to get people to go to midnight movies with me forever and nobody ever wants to do it with me!), late night chats with Millie, and I finally got to go to Disneyland!! At the end of the trip I also got to meet up with Danielle and Diana, too! All in all this was one of the best weeks of my whole life. I can't possibly fit everything in one post so I'm going to break it up by day, with some non-vacation posts in between so you don't get sick of it too quickly ;)

dress - red velvet (by elsie from a beautiful mess) | shoes - c/o bait footwear

the walk of fame

I'm in California!! Yesterday we went to the Chinese Theater where all the hand prints are and it was just absolutely surreal. I got to see Frank Sinatra's hand prints (ahhh!) I just kept geeking out over every name I saw. Barbara Stanwyck! Fred Astaire! Hayley Mills! Gary Cooper! Be still my heart!

I'm having such a fun time with my friends. The five of us have been friends since 2009 when we met through our classic film blogs. I've met two already before (hi Sarah and Nicola!) but this is the first time all five of us are hanging out together and it's just SO MUCH FUN! I'm so sad that the trip is only a few days, I want to spend more time with them! I also think I need to come back here with my family at some point, I just keep running into things that my parents & my brother would flip out over. I sent Kyle a picture of Tim McGraw's star on the walk of fame yesterday and I'm pretty sure he has never been more jealous of me in his entire life lol ;)

dress- c/o blue window vintage | shoes - bait footwear


My favorite part of the day is right before I go to sleep. I get in bed and read for a little while. As soon as I crack open a book, Hubble jumps up on the bed and collapses right next to me, his arms usually wrapped over mine as if he's reading along with me. After I've read for a while I turn on the tv and Arrietty usually makes her appearance around the same time, cuddling up either right next to Hubble or down near my feet. And then I watch 30 Rock or The Office for 1-2 episodes and drift off to sleep with two adorable cats dozing beside me. It's such a relaxing, happy way to end the day.

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casual day

I've only had these sweatshirts for like one week and I've already been practically living in them. They're just so perfect for feeling dressed but still cozy and comfortable.

When I went home in this outfit my mom looked shocked and was like "you're wearing a form-fitting skirt?!?!" as if I had three heads or something. It's not even that fitted, just not super flared like almost everything else I own. I'm still not 100% sure if it was an insult, a compliment or just a statement of bewilderment and surprise, but I was pretty happy with the silhouette myself. When I went out to run errands in the ridiculously blustery weather it was nice to not have to worry about wind blowing my skirt up to my shoulders for once. (Sidenote: I'm pretty sure global warming is turning my area into a wind tunnel. Even in the summer it's like there are fans blowing at you from every direction)

Also, this is, hands down, my new favorite brooch. It's from Ladybird Likes and she has a ton of different variations that I love (like Disney and dinosaurs) although Jurassic Park is definitely my favorite. A close runner-up would be I like you nearly as much as television. She can make them custom too which is pretty dangerous (I'm thinking The X-Files, The Office, my cats, potatoes..)

california dreaming

In less than a week I'll be on my way to California for the TCM Film Festival! I'm so excited I haven't been able to sleep for the last few days. Me and my friends have been planning this get-together for five years and I'm sure it's going to be one of the best weeks of my life. I can't wait!

I also can't wait to shed the tights and sweaters, lol! I packed a lot of my favorite vintage dresses for the trip (yup, I'm already packed! I'm seriously so excited!) so I'll definitely do outfit posts while I'm there :) yay!!

dress- forever 21 | sweater - old navy | tights - target | shoes - c/o oasap
wig - minty mix | hat - forever 21

apartment tour part 2!

First up -- the exterior! yay! I'm really lucky that my landlord is pretty laid-back in allowing tenants to make a lot of drastic changes. They let me paint the spires on the castle as well as the trees (!!) pink! Also I attached some pretty pastel banners to the castle as well. It was so easy, I'll have a DIY post on it soon :)

In my dining room I have a variety of faux sweets and fruits on display all the time. And my dining room wouldn't be MY dining room without scallops, of course! I got the scalloped cake stand from Target, the napkin from the dollar store (if you can believe it!) and the bowl was a gift from my mom.

You can see the scalloped cake stand a little better in this picture. Also, not really apartment related, but I've decided to start letting cute little pastel woodland creatures live in my hair. I think it adds a really cute touch to my hairdos! :)

My landlord was totally ok with most of my changes but wasn't too happy with my idea to put a tree and a tree swing in my living room. I eventually sold them on the idea though and I LOVE IT. Arrietty likes to sit on the branch next to me while I swing and watch The Office on my tv across the room. And an added bonus -- the tree attracts cute pastel woodland creatures, perfect for the hairdos I just mentioned! :D

One of my favorite things in my apartment is definitely my vanity. I got it at the thrift store and painted it purple, then added clay squirrels around the edges (another DIY post! coming soon!) Hubble keeps thinking they're real squirrels (why he's more interested in these than the *actual* squirrels in my hair, I have no idea) and keeps trying to attack the mirror. It's so cute!


sweatshirts and dresses

I just got this cropped hooded mint green sweatshirt and it's my new favorite thing ever. It's exactly the right length to wear with my fit-and-flare dresses and it'll be perfect for spring when it's (finally!) warm enough to leave the house without a coat but not quite hot enough to go sleeveless. And it's just so darn cozy. I love cardigans as much as the next girl (obviously) but if I can wear a cute little sweatshirt instead, I'm doing it. I love this so much I might have bought it in two other colors too.... eek!

This dress probably comes in a close second in the "new favorite things" category -- it fits like a dream and I'll take any opportunity to add more light purple into my wardrobe :)