the cat's meow

I remember several years ago I used to buy literally every single cat-print item I found because I thought at the time that it was going to be a passing fad, and I wanted to stock up while I could. But now, years later, cat print items are still available everywhere! Since I can afford to be finicky about which items I add to my collection I've gotten a lot more selective. I tend to go for items where the cats aren't too cartoony-looking, and items where the cat detail is more subtle. And of course, I love statement pieces like this skirt. I am 100% wearing this skirt when I do volunteer gift wrapping for my local animal shelter this winter!

And I also have to mention these socks. They are the first over-the-knee socks I've found that don't cut into my thighs. I've been obsessed with getting tall socks this year and I ordered and returned about 5 different styles before finding these. I fold them over once at the top, and they fit perfectly. I feel like it's hard to size things like this online because some people will leave reviews saying they fit over larger thighs, but they have an athletic build. I'm squishy and plagued with cellulite so something that fits nicely on a large firm thigh doesn't necessarily look so great on my equally large soft flab, lol! Anyway. If you also have doughy legs and your thighs are somewhere around 18"-20" I highly recommend these!

neck tie - amazon | shoes - old

here today

This dress is made out of *sweatshirt* fabric!! I've only found one other sweatshirt dress before (worn here) and it's just the best. The epitome of comfort, but it still looks chic! This particular dress sold out on ASOS pretty quick so I set up a restock alert and snagged it as soon as it was available again in my size. This is not sponsored (I don't get sponsored, like ever, so I have no idea why I always feel like I need to put in that disclaimer all the time lol) but just FYI if you aren't using shoptagr and you're a shopaholic like myself, you best set up an account! I use it for restock alerts and for price changes, so if I really love something but want to wait for it to be marked down I can set up an alert for that as well. I currently have a price alert set up for this coat since I clearly NEED to own it (it's pink with hearts on it!!) but honestly I would probably only ever wear it on Valentine's Day once a year, lol!

Honestly though I wish that more clothing companies would offer the same items for longer periods of time, rather than constantly produce small batches of clothes that sell out too quick. All of my favorite companies do daily shop updates, which is a very fun part of my morning computer routine, but not so fun if you aren't able to purchase something that you love immediately. Before you know it, it's sold out and they will literally never bring it back. I mean, I have this sweater in my closet that says "sweater weather" that I bought at Modcloth two years ago and I wear it religiously in the fall now, but I feel bad wearing it in outfit posts knowing that if you guys really love it you won't be able to get one yourself. I wish they'd bring it back, even if it was like a PSL and they just brought it back once a year lol!

something different

On the first of September I always expect it to suddenly feel like fall outside, but instead it's usually the beginning of the *hottest* days of summer. Where I live, it climbed up to 100 last week, and our air conditioner broke. I feel such a cognitive dissonance between the intense heat I was feeling all last week with 100+ temperatures and no a/c, and the pleasant autumn weather we have today. It probably wouldn't have seemed so extreme to me if I'd been living a cool 68' life inside all last week, to suddenly wake up to a chill in the air and the need for cozy socks and sweaters today.

But today is overcast, a little rainy, and delightfully chilly, and I'm lapping it up. I hadn't planned on taking an outfit picture today because I thought I'd be too hot and sweaty (I've literally been living in boxer shorts and oversized t-shirts for the last week) but instead it was too dark and dreary inside, lol! So I thought I'd do something a little different today. This photo is going to bug the heck out of me when I post it on instagram and it messes up my perfectly pastel feed (I need to stop caring about stuff like that, seriously!) but it just feels so warm and cozy and fall-like, I couldn't resist! :)

dress - asos | socks - forever 21 (old) | sweater - h&m (old)
book - the fever (it's so good so far!) | blankets - society6

blue moon

My art show last weekend was an unexpected success! One of my paintings won Third Place at the show, and I actually sold quite a few paintings! And a little girl told me I was an amazing artist, which made my whole weekend. It was so cute I couldn't stop smiling!

Before this show, I'd only really painted a couple times in the last few years and usually they were gifts for people, not building towards a portfolio or anything. After I got really sick last December, my dad gave me two blank canvases for Christmas and asked me to start painting again. It was a really emotional Christmas since I didn't even think I'd be out of the hospital in time to spend it at home, and everything was making me cry, but that made me bawl. And I took it seriously -- even though I was still sick a lot this year, too (I was even in the hospital again just three days before my art show last week!) I completed a lot of paintings and developed a new style using a wood burning technique that I'm SO excited about! You guys know I'm usually very hard on myself but I'm actually feeling a little proud of myself right now. I really worked hard, and I'm happy with the pieces I've created and the fact that I've painted anything at all after taking such a long break from my brushes.

a dream is a wish your heart makes

Guess who just booked a trip to Disney World!! It's a long way away, but me and my mom will be in the happiest place on earth next April. I had really wanted to book a trip the same week as the TCM Film Festival next year since I didn't want to return, and I knew that seeing all of my friends enjoying the festival without me would very much bum me out lol. I just don't enjoy the festival that much anymore and it's SO much money for what I get out of it. The last few times that I attended I kept thinking that I'd much rather spend my vacation money on a Disney trip instead--- so that's what I did!

Anyway! A few months ago I mentioned that I had a pink polka dot dress that I had wanted to wear in Disneyland, and this is it! Eight months isn't too early to start planning what you'll wear on a Disney vacation right? Because I'm tempted to slip this in my suitcase right now.