Friday, September 14, 2018

here today

This dress is made out of *sweatshirt* fabric!! I've only found one other sweatshirt dress before (worn here) and it's just the best. The epitome of comfort, but it still looks chic! This particular dress sold out on ASOS pretty quick so I set up a restock alert and snagged it as soon as it was available again in my size. This is not sponsored (I don't get sponsored, like ever, so I have no idea why I always feel like I need to put in that disclaimer all the time lol) but just FYI if you aren't using shoptagr and you're a shopaholic like myself, you best set up an account! I use it for restock alerts and for price changes, so if I really love something but want to wait for it to be marked down I can set up an alert for that as well. I currently have a price alert set up for this coat since I clearly NEED to own it (it's pink with hearts on it!!) but honestly I would probably only ever wear it on Valentine's Day once a year, lol!

Honestly though I wish that more clothing companies would offer the same items for longer periods of time, rather than constantly produce small batches of clothes that sell out too quick. All of my favorite companies do daily shop updates, which is a very fun part of my morning computer routine, but not so fun if you aren't able to purchase something that you love immediately. Before you know it, it's sold out and they will literally never bring it back. I mean, I have this sweater in my closet that says "sweater weather" that I bought at Modcloth two years ago and I wear it religiously in the fall now, but I feel bad wearing it in outfit posts knowing that if you guys really love it you won't be able to get one yourself. I wish they'd bring it back, even if it was like a PSL and they just brought it back once a year lol!