Monday, September 24, 2018

ginger spice

Happy fall! I'm trying to avoid sugar right now (I'm on an anti-inflammation diet in an attempt to convince my doctor that I can heal my body with diet instead of procedures and pills. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!) so no Starbucks pumpkin spice flavored goodies for me. I've been having ginger lemon tea every morning though, and it's *chef's kiss* so good! I'm just using a lemon ginger tea bag and then adding some extra grated ginger and a little bit of honey. It has a nice kick to it that helps wake me up, it feels very autumnal, and it miraculously seems to stave off hunger until lunchtime.

I used to be so snacky, constantly hungry and in need of munchies all day long, but since I reduced my sugar intake I'm not living in a constant state of starvation. Even if my diet plan doesn't fix my health issues I think I'm still sticking with it just because it makes me feel so much better. And I've lost a little weight on this diet, too, which was very welcome. I've been testing the limits of my dress zippers as of late, but this week I was able to easily fit into one of my favorites that had been unwearable all summer. Hooray!! :D

dress - asos | sweater - h&m (old) | socks - amazon
shoes - old | necklace - vintage