Friday, September 7, 2018

blue moon

My art show last weekend was an unexpected success! One of my paintings won Third Place at the show, and I actually sold quite a few paintings! And a little girl told me I was an amazing artist, which made my whole weekend. It was so cute I couldn't stop smiling!

Before this show, I'd only really painted a couple times in the last few years and usually they were gifts for people, not building towards a portfolio or anything. After I got really sick last December, my dad gave me two blank canvases for Christmas and asked me to start painting again. It was a really emotional Christmas since I didn't even think I'd be out of the hospital in time to spend it at home, and everything was making me cry, but that made me bawl. And I took it seriously -- even though I was still sick a lot this year, too (I was even in the hospital again just three days before my art show last week!) I completed a lot of paintings and developed a new style using a wood burning technique that I'm SO excited about! You guys know I'm usually very hard on myself but I'm actually feeling a little proud of myself right now. I really worked hard, and I'm happy with the pieces I've created and the fact that I've painted anything at all after taking such a long break from my brushes.