Friday, September 28, 2018

blurry vision

My camera decided not to focus, and I didn't notice until I opened the photos on my computer. Oh well! I guess it's like having a soft flattering filter on my picture, lol!

Anyway. I am so glad it's hat season now. Since I wear a wig it can be tricky sometimes to style in it in such a way that it looks natural, but as soon as hat season hits I wear a beanie or beret pretty much every time I leave the house. I usually wear either this wig or a long dark blonde wig that I bought for my Paris trip last October. I'm *still* growing out my pixie (13 months now!) and I'm hoping that by the end of hat season I might finally have enough length that I'll be happy with it. I can't wait to do milkmaid braids again!! *crying emoji*

And, on a way less frivolous note, if you haven't registered to vote yet, you can do it right here. If you're still too young to vote, you can participate in the proxy project. 💕

dress worn as a shirt - asos | skirt - asos (old)
shoes - aldo | hat - forever 21 (old)