Monday, September 10, 2018

something different

On the first of September I always expect it to suddenly feel like fall outside, but instead it's usually the beginning of the *hottest* days of summer. Where I live, it climbed up to 100 last week, and our air conditioner broke. I feel such a cognitive dissonance between the intense heat I was feeling all last week with 100+ temperatures and no a/c, and the pleasant autumn weather we have today. It probably wouldn't have seemed so extreme to me if I'd been living a cool 68' life inside all last week, to suddenly wake up to a chill in the air and the need for cozy socks and sweaters today.

But today is overcast, a little rainy, and delightfully chilly, and I'm lapping it up. I hadn't planned on taking an outfit picture today because I thought I'd be too hot and sweaty (I've literally been living in boxer shorts and oversized t-shirts for the last week) but instead it was too dark and dreary inside, lol! So I thought I'd do something a little different today. This photo is going to bug the heck out of me when I post it on instagram and it messes up my perfectly pastel feed (I need to stop caring about stuff like that, seriously!) but it just feels so warm and cozy and fall-like, I couldn't resist! :)

dress - asos | socks - forever 21 (old) | sweater - h&m (old)
book - the fever (it's so good so far!) | blankets - society6