Monday, September 17, 2018

the cat's meow

I remember several years ago I used to buy literally every single cat-print item I found because I thought at the time that it was going to be a passing fad, and I wanted to stock up while I could. But now, years later, cat print items are still available everywhere! Since I can afford to be finicky about which items I add to my collection I've gotten a lot more selective. I tend to go for items where the cats aren't too cartoony-looking, and items where the cat detail is more subtle. And of course, I love statement pieces like this skirt. I am 100% wearing this skirt when I do volunteer gift wrapping for my local animal shelter this winter!

And I also have to mention these socks. They are the first over-the-knee socks I've found that don't cut into my thighs. I've been obsessed with getting tall socks this year and I ordered and returned about 5 different styles before finding these. I fold them over once at the top, and they fit perfectly. I feel like it's hard to size things like this online because some people will leave reviews saying they fit over larger thighs, but they have an athletic build. I'm squishy and plagued with cellulite so something that fits nicely on a large firm thigh doesn't necessarily look so great on my equally large soft flab, lol! Anyway. If you also have doughy legs and your thighs are somewhere around 18"-20" I highly recommend these!

neck tie - amazon | shoes - old