Monday, September 3, 2018

a dream is a wish your heart makes

Guess who just booked a trip to Disney World!! It's a long way away, but me and my mom will be in the happiest place on earth next April. I had really wanted to book a trip the same week as the TCM Film Festival next year since I didn't want to return, and I knew that seeing all of my friends enjoying the festival without me would very much bum me out lol. I just don't enjoy the festival that much anymore and it's SO much money for what I get out of it. The last few times that I attended I kept thinking that I'd much rather spend my vacation money on a Disney trip instead--- so that's what I did!

Anyway! A few months ago I mentioned that I had a pink polka dot dress that I had wanted to wear in Disneyland, and this is it! Eight months isn't too early to start planning what you'll wear on a Disney vacation right? Because I'm tempted to slip this in my suitcase right now.