life .. uh .. finds a way

Happy Jurassic World Day!!

I know that Jeff Goldblum doesn't apparently have a lot of screen time but to be honest I'm looking forward to seeing Dr. Ian Malcolm again more than anything else in this movie lol! I'm sure I'm not alone on that, right? I'm also excited about the dinosaurs, obviously, but even the little nod to Malcolm with the book sitting on Jake Johnson's desk in the first Jurassic World was the highlight of that movie for me. I'm a little disappointed that they didn't re-release the first one for the 25th anniversary this year, but there IS a brand new installment in the series out today so I need to just be happy about that and stop whining ;)

If you haven't checked out my Jurassic Park accessories in a while, definitely take a peek in my shop here. I've added a lot over the last two years! I have so many pins that it was a little hard trying to choose which one to go with for the themed outfit today, but ultimately it wasn't much of a contest -- Future Ex Mrs. Malcolm won hands down! It's my personal favorite of my Jurassic Park pins, especially because I think the idea of making an mosquito-trapped-in-amber engagement ring was pretty clever (girl.)

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I want to live in a house

Do you ever get an idea that you're so excited about you just can't think about anything else but making the idea a reality? That's me right now with building a tiny house. I'm not counting on it completely since I don't have the money for it yet, plus I have no idea if New Jersey zoning permits tiny houses, but it's the only thing on my mind. I even found the exact tiny house I want! It's a kit, so you have to assemble it yourself or hire a contractor but it's perfect for me. It's a little over 250 square feet plus it has a loft area. I already have the layout planned in my head, lol! Ideally I'd want to remove the ladder to the loft and add a spiral staircase. All I've ever wanted is to live in the apartment from Sunday in New York and I think it would actually be feasible with this home (or at least *very* close.) I think if I try to save up it might be do-able in the next year. That is, if I cut back on spending (with the exception of dresses because life still has to be worth living in the meantime, LOL!)

Anyway. I'm sure there's a good chance I'll read this in three years and be like "I totally forgot about that abandoned dream!" but right now it's fun to be planning this out. Oh, and since I said I'd start linking to the songs I use for my titles, this one is a song from the movie Starstruck and you can listen/watch the song being performed in the movie here. It's one of my family's favorite films and I was super lucky and got to see the director in person while I was at the TCM Film Festival this year! She also directed My Brilliant Career, which I highly recommend if you want to watch an ultra feminist movie co-starring peak handsome Sam Neill.

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ring a ding ding

I decided to start wearing earrings again recently, and I was shocked that my holes were still there after like 10 years of not using them?! I'm a lot more sensitive to the weight of my earrings than I used to be (maybe I'll get over that once I'm adjusted to wearing earrings regularly again?) so I've been seeking out really lightweight earrings. So far I've found that pom-poms and wood are the best materials if I want a big statement earring without the heavy load :)

You know, I'm coming up on ten years of blogging here and I've probably used song titles as my blog post titles hundreds of times without ever acknowledging the song in the actual post. I think I'll start changing that now. Ring a Ding Ding is a fun swingin' Frank Sinatra song (and also the name of one of his albums) and you can listen to it here!

mint daisies

This week has been so busy and hectic that I've spent every night staying up until about 4am trying to get caught up on work, and my brain is FRIED. I stared at this empty space for at least 20 minutes trying to think of what to write today and I couldn't think of a single thing. Except to say how tired and brain dead I feel, obviously! lol! I think things will be calming down a little on Saturday so I might just sleep in and then read a little or watch a movie to unwind. Nothing un-fries a brain better than a lazy pajama day! :D

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bette davis eyes

Every time Brandon Flowers or The Killers cover a song I end up liking it better than the original, without fail. This is my favorite of their cover songs. And have you ever heard Brandon Flowers' cover of Bette Davis Eyes? It's so good! You can listen to it on youtube here.

Bette Davis is one of my favorite actresses, and I've seen most of her movies at this point, but I just watched a new-to-me one recently called Marked Woman and it was fantastic! It's part gangster movie, part courtroom drama, with a satisfying helping of girl power. If you have Filmstruck it's available to stream here.

who wore it better?

When I found these shorts on asos, I had major deja vu. I owned an almost identical pair when I was eight years old! I found a photo of me wearing the shorts on a trip to Disney World and thought it would be fun to recreate the outfit! Minus the peace sign fimo clay necklace, lol!

So, who wore it better? Me, or me? 😂

shirt - amazon | shorts - asos | shoes - asos

rainbow sherbet

Does anyone else pronounce sherbet "sherbeRt"? I have no idea why I add an extra R in there, but it's how I've always said it and I can't seem to shake it lol

This was one of three dresses that I bought with Disneyland in mind earlier this year, and didn't end up wearing it there. I'm sure it will get a Disney day at some point though -- I'd love to take pictures of this in the circus section near Fantasyland in Disney World! I think it's such a fun dress and so easy for matching! Today is scorching hot so I'm going cardigan-less but the possibilities for cardigan/dress pairings are endless since it has so many colors in the design!

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Today I'm going to see one of my favorite movies, Jules and Jim, on the big screen! It's one of the rare movies that falls into my "personal favorite movies" list and also my "best movies ever made" list. It makes my heart almost burst, I enjoy the experience of watching it SO much, but at the same time I think it's a perfect cinematic masterpiece. Most of my faves are fluffy 60's comedies and capers, or 90's teen horror flicks, or Fred and Ginger films (sidenote: if anyone else is a huge Fred and Ginger fan, The Film Society at Lincoln Center is doing a complete retrospective in July!) They're all super fun to watch but not necessarily Citizen Kane, you know? But Jules and Jim. Sigh.

I was talking about Jules and Jim with my dad recently, and I said it's like the movie version of the Mona Lisa. It's enigmatic, it's a great work of art, and you aren't entirely sure if it's smiling or not. And it deserves to be in The Louvre.

I scream, you scream

Like basically everyone who has an instagram account, I love taking pictures with ice cream cones in the summer. I do not like that they're melty, and that I need to find an ice cream shop that matches my ~aesthetic~ in order to get a perfect photo. So I just bought a fake ice cream cone. I KNOW IT IS SUPER EXTRA. But look how cute it looks with this sweater!

Plus fake food makes for great knick-knacks. I have this on display on a shelf when I'm not pretending to eat it for social media, lol. I got it from this display food site, and I'm so tempted to get their fake sushi and a giant fake cake even though I have literally no actual use for them. I think I just miss play food. I had some really cool play food when I was little. My favorites were always the ones with "real" restaurant items like Pizza Hut personal pan pizzas or Dunkin Donuts donuts (they looked SO lifelike!) I went to a toy store recently and the selection was kind of pathetic compared to the 90's, which I'm guessing must have been the hey day for plastic food? Now it's all miniaturized and so unrealistic. If I was a parent I think I'd just buy my kids restaurant display food instead, lol!

arms are for hugging

Today is National Gun Violence Awareness Day, and to raise awareness for the cause Everytown for Gun Safety is asking people to wear orange June 1 - June 3.

In America we are TWENTY FIVE TIMES more likely to be killed by a gun than citizens of other developed countries. Every single day 93 Americans are killed by guns. 93. Every. Single. Day. That's unacceptable.

I've always been a proponent of gun control, but ever since the Newtown tragedy it's felt so much more urgent. No parent should ever be afraid to send their kids to school. Nobody should ever be scared to go to the movies, or to shop at the mall. Honestly if I had my way, I'd get rid of guns entirely. I hate that they are used for hunting animals, and I hate that they're used for killing people. I just don't understand the need for a machine thats sole purpose is to kill.

But most gun safety organizations, like Everytown, aren't actually trying to get rid of guns entirely. They're seeking common ground with people like me (guns are evil!) and people who are responsible gun owners that never want to see another American massacre. They want background checks and safety locks and reasonable, common sense laws that will keep guns out of the hands of people who might hurt innocent children or church-goers or college students.

Wearing orange today, tomorrow, and Sunday will help raise awareness for this vital cause. You can learn more, take action, and/or make a donation on Everytown's website, here.

And honestly the most important thing you can do is vote. Vote for candidates who will keep us safe, not the ones that are beholden to the gun lobby. Vote in primaries, local elections, midterms, every single time that you can cast a vote, do it! And if you aren't registered yet, you can do that right here.

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once in a lullaby

I've been in a terrible movie rut lately. Every once in a while, even though I'm a HUGE movie fan, I go through dry spells where I listen to music, watch the news, binge watch tv shows, and catch up on reading, but consume basically no films whatsoever. This whole month I only logged five movies on letterboxd. FIVE. Meanwhile I watched the entirety of Community. Twice.

I've been a big fan of The Office, Parks and Recreation, and 30 Rock for a while now but for some reason I could never get into Community until recently. I love it sooooo much now, though. Troy is my favorite, and I love the Dean. And I have a terrible crush on Jeff Winger. Ughhhh. I have such a weakness for characters that are mean and cocky but also have a sweet side and a good heart underneath the rough exterior. I love the narcissism episode when his "swagger has a new swagger" *falls on the floor like the Dean.*

I also just finished binge-watching The Santa Clarita Diet (for the second time) which is probably my third-favorite currently-running comedy. (First place goes to The Good Place, Second place is Brooklyn 99) I love that somehow Drew Barrymore and Timothy Olyphant are total #couplegoals while simultaneously killing people as a team to get human meat for zombie Drew.

It's weird that I always end up feeling a little guilty during these non-movie spurts, like as if I'm cheating on my favorite pastime lol! But the heart wants what the heart wants, and right now that seems to be Joel McHale in aviators and Drew Barrymore eating people. C'est la vie!

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long story short

I AM WEARING SHORTS!!! This is a big deal to me. Like I said last week, I haven't worn a bathing suit in public in about ten years. I also haven't worn shorts since I was in high school. I'm so self conscious about my thighs, the only times I *have* worn shorts, I've layered tights underneath so that it would still hide my legs. But I keep coming back to one of my favorite Mindy Kaling quotes - "If you've got it, flaunt it. And if you don't got it? Flaunt it." I'm flaunting it this year, whether I've got it or not lol!

My insecurities haven't been so wholly conquered that I'll be wearing shorts every day, but it's nice to give myself the option again. I wore jean shorts for a walk in the park last week and nobody stared at my legs or shouted at me to cover up my dimply thighs. It wasn't nearly as bad as I had built it up to be in my head. I think we all have insecurities that we obsess over, but to everyone else we just look like normal human beings. We need to look at ourselves that way, too!

flower power

I am such a sucker for daisy stuff. I chalk it up to either my 90's upbringing or the fact that it's my Grandmom's favorite flower. But I can't resist anything that's daisy shaped, daisy print, or, well, actual daisies. I have a few little pots of them (fake ones, but still) sprinkled around the house.

Anyway, I'm just obsessed with the print on this dress. It's also available as a bathing suit and I'm SO tempted! I've been wearing black bathing suits layered under dresses or opaque cover-ups for like ten years now but I think I'm beginning to experience that thing that everyone says happens when you hit your thirties -- I honestly do not care what other people think about how I look. I think this is the year I finally just go in the ocean without hiding my body under multiple layers. It's crazy to think how long I've gone without feeling the sun on my thighs or feeling warm ocean waves on my stomach, all because I'm so hung up on what other people think of my cellulite or jiggly arms. Not anymore!

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a day at the beach at home

This was what I wore for Mother's Day this year. My mom and grandmom love the beach, but neither of them really like going anywhere for Mother's Day, especially places where there would be holiday crowds (like the beach.) So I gave them a "day at the beach at home" instead!

I started things off by giving everyone sunglasses to wear on their head (since we'd be "at the beach" indoors) and started this youtube video for a background soundtrack of beachy noises like seagulls, waves, and wind.

For decorations I got inflatable beach balls from the dollar store (and blew them up manually since I couldn't find our air pump *still coughing two weeks later*) and used them as a centerpiece. I got sand castle buckets, filled them with ice, and used them for sodas and water bottles. My brother let me borrow his collection of conch shells and we placed them all around the kitchen. And I found really cute Jersey Shore themed plates (the location, not the show, lol) at the grocery store. I couldn't find them online but these are really similar.

I made homemade fudge and candy and dressed up the kitchen counter to look like a little boardwalk candy shop! I even pretended they had to order by the pound, lol ;) For dinner my dad and brother cooked on the grill, and for dessert I got churros and funnel cakes from a nearby take-out restaurant and just heated them up in the air fryer when it was time to eat.

My favorite part of the day though was when we played games! I made my own version of the frog boardwalk game with these frogs, and giant ping pong paddles I got at the craft store. I set up three giant bowls on our coffee table in the living room at varying distances, and marked how many points you'd get depending on how far away the bowl was. Then each person got four frogs and had to try to get them into the bowls. It was SO fun, and my mom and grandmom really got into it! After that we played ring toss with pool rings from the craft store and bottles of water placed at varying distances again. When it was all over, I added up the points and everyone got to pick prizes! I got some stuffed animals at the dollar store and strung them up on the bookcase in the living room, with different animals having different point values.

We all had SO much fun, and my Grandmom even said it was the best Mother's Day ever! It might have even been more fun than a *real* day at the beach, lol!

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