Saturday, August 6, 2011

Petticoats and Pussycats - The Vixen Vintage story

You're 80 years old, and Hollywood has purchased the rights to turn your bestselling memoirs into a feature film!


What is the tile of your movie?

This is a tough one. Maybe "Petticoats and Pussycats"? Borderline dirty, but whatever ;)

Art house, blockbuster, summer comedy, epic, zombie-apocalypse movie?

Summer comedy, with tons of pretty sundresses and wide brimmed hats! And petticoats. And frolicking kittens.

Who is directing?

I really liked what Sophia Coppola did with Marie Antoinette, so I'll go with her. She'll take on a comedy, yeah? Yeah.

Who is starring?

Anne Hathaway. I've gotten a lot of "You look like Anne Hathaway!" lately, so sure, why not, I like her :)

What is the plot? Is it a comedy? Drama? Tragedy (I hope not!)?

A comedy! But not super silly, mostly sarcastic and witty.

Did it win an award at the Oscars, Sundance or the Razzies?

It may not have won "Best Picture" at the oscars, but it took "Best Costume Design" without question ;)

What did you wear to the premiere?

I would wear something pink and fluffy. With an amazing blue hairstyle.


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