Monday, August 29, 2011

strawberry lemonade

dress - modcloth
shoes - from my grandmom
hair bow - hive and honey

I think I've used this title a couple times before, but it just fits the outfit/hair haha :)

This is one of those Be the Buyer items that I loved from the very second I saw it on Modcloth, and hoped SO badly they'd put it into production!! As soon as I saw it was available last week, I had to snatch it up. The cotton is so soft and it fits me perfectly! yay! It came with three decorative buttons at the top, which I had to remove since they just looked weird on me. I think they'd look nice if you're.. um.. flatter than me? They just didn't lay right on my chest. Anyway, though, I actually like the way it looks without the buttons even more! So win/win!

Oh, and some fun news.. I'm going to Disney World in November to celebrate my 25th birthday!! I've had it planned for about a month, but I didn't want to blog about it until I had sent in the final payment, just to be sure... and I sent it in on Saturday! I'm so excited! I haven't had a vacation since 2007, and I need one so so badly! My parents can't come, unfortunately, so it'll just be me and my brother, but we're coming home the day before my birthday so that I can actually celebrate with my whole family! I'm looking forward to this so much... I even downloaded a countdown app for my iphone :)