Monday, August 1, 2011

clarissa explains it all week

dress - h&m
cardigan - old navy
shoes - modcloth
tights - h&m
bracelet - vintage

I am a HUGE fan of Clarissa Explains it All, the 90's tv show starring Melissa Joan Hart. For the last decade I've had to satisfy my fix with my old VHS recordings that have since almost entirely lost their sound, or buy bootleg copies of other people's old VHS recordings that have since almost entirely lost their sound. I still watched it every once in a while, but I couldn't enjoy it the way I used to, thanks to the muffled audio and irritating tracking lines. BUT NOW... drum roll ... TeenNick is playing Clarissa every weeknight! Eep!! Words can't even begin to describe my excitement!

In my very first Style Idol post earlier this year, I wrote about how much of an influence Clarissa has had on my life & my sense of style. While I don't normally dress like her, per se, her individuality and disregard for fitting in played an important part in shaping how I dress myself. She was, and always will be, a huge role model for me in my attitude towards life and fashion.

Despite the fact that I don't dress like Clarissa on a daily basis, I do tend to buy things just because she'd wear them. I can't even count how many times I'm in a store with my mom and I hold something up to her squealing "Wouldn't Clarissa wear this?!?!?!" I usually buy it. It might be totally different from what I normally wear, painfully 90's and not at all flattering to my shape, but I buy it. And this week I'm wearing it. I thought it would be super fun to do a week of all Clarissa-inspired outfits, and finally drag all of my "omg this is SO Clarissa!" items out of my closet ;-D Some of the outfits I've picked out are awfully goofy, but bear with me, because I'm having SO MUCH FUN.

If you've never seen the show try tuning into TeenNick one night this week! It was a kids/pre-teen show, but I think it definitely holds up now that I'm an adult. I might be biased since it's so important to me, but I really do think it's stood the test of time as a classic show for kids AND grown-ups :)