Wednesday, August 24, 2011

un, deux, trois

remixed item #1: vintage white ascot blouse from kellyshoestrings on etsy
remixed item #2: platform sandals from blowfish shoes
outfit 1: jean vest - from my mom // belt - forever 21 // skirt - vintage
outfit 2: jacket - forever 21 // belt - forever 21 // skirt - vintage
outfit 3: jumper - old navy // belt - forever 21

For some reason I keep pairing this blouse with the same shoes, so I thought it would make for a fun un, deux, trois post! Especially since all of the outfits look -- at least I think they look -- so different from one another. It's really amazing how changing something as simple as a belt or jacket can make an outfit look completely unique!

I might bail out on an outfit post tomorrow, just a heads up! My roots are coming in something AWFUL and I'll be knee deep in bleach & dye all day, so I can pretty much guarantee my outfit won't be all that impressive, ha! Unless you want to see me in old worn out pj's and a plastic bag on my hair? ;) By the by, isn't touching up light dye-jobs on dark hair ridiculously annoying? I wish the new growth could just come in pink. That would be awesome. If someone invented a pill for that, I'd take it. (I'd also take one that makes all food taste like potatoes, or a pill that keeps you clean all the time so you never need to shower. Just thought I'd throw that out there.)