Tuesday, August 23, 2011

if you say gullible slowly it sounds like oranges

top - h&m
skirt - h&m
shoes - c/o blowfish
hairbow - hive & honey

I saw a thing on pinterest the other day that said "If you say "gullible" slowly it sounds like "oranges."

Did you try it? Embarrassingly, I did. ha! It got me thinking about how incredibly gullible I used to be (I seem to have grown out of it, if you don't count this little oranges incident). I think the most outrageous example of my gullibility was in high school, when my two [supposedly] best friends had me 100% convinced that they secretly knew the Backstreet Boys, and chatted online with them all the time. I guess they must have conspired to come up with the most far-fetched thing they could possibly think of, and then try to convince me it was true. The BSB weren't even popular anymore at the time, it was just so ridiculously random! But I totally believed them.

Are you/were you ever super gullible like me?

ps. I did a new flapper doodle drawing the other night & recorded a time-lapse of myself drawing it! I put it on youtube last night & I think it's kind of fun, if you want to take a look :-)