Thursday, December 20, 2018

meowy and bright

Tomorrow will be one year since I was hospitalized, and it feels so weird knowing that a year has passed. One of those "only a year???" and "it feels like yesterday!" things combined. This year was really tough health-wise (and life-wise and work-wise, honestly) but I'm still just so thankful that I recovered and I won't be spending Christmas bed-ridden this year. (Knock on wood!) I just felt like I couldn't let it go unmentioned because it's become such a huge part of my life now. I'm all about health, classic movies, and cats. haha.

Our cats have always been able to tell that Christmas is a special day -- they all hang out in the living room and play with wrapping paper and boxes while we open presents. My brother's cat, Xena, likes to hide behind piles of presents and pounce on an unsuspecting Arrietty. My parents' new cat, George, has decided to be an "upstairs cat" so I highly doubt she'll be joining us on Christmas morning downstairs, but who knows... maybe she'll give us a holiday surprise! :)

dress - c/o retrolicious | shirt - urban outfitters (old)