Wednesday, January 26, 2011

soft and sweet, wise and wonderful

60's cape - raleigh vintage
tights - k-mart
boots - alloy

This cape is officially my #1 favorite vintage purchase ever. While wearing it I feel part Carnaby Street celebrity, part SUPER HERO!! My cats really liked it too .. Chloe came out of hiding (she hasn't gotten used to my brother's girlfriend yet and has been camping out under my bed 24/7) to get a peek, and Hypatia.. well.. with her it probably wasn't the cape. She follows me around so much anyway my family nicknamed her "shadow" :)

Anyway, back to that cape! (Gah! Once I get talking about cats it's hard to stop) I've wanted one ever since I saw Juliet Mills wearing one in The Nanny and the Professor (you can see it at the beginning of this video), but I could never find one that seemed right for me. That is, until I found this one on etsy! I love that it comes with a belt and separate section in the front so it can be worn more fitted than capes usually are. And I have to say, this etsy seller is just the sweetest person, and I swear the cape arrived on my doorstep like two days after I ordered it, beautifully packaged like a present .. I'll definitely be shopping there again!

ps. in case you were thinking I'm super egotistical, I should point out that my blog post title doesn't refer to me.. it's from the N&P theme song lol :)