Sunday, January 9, 2011

and the snow snow snow came down down down

coat - diane von furstenberg
leggings - old navy
boots - f21

Yesterday I begged my brother to go with me to the park and take photos in the snow, so I could recreate the Catherine Deneuve photo I had as my blog header for the last month or so. I've had the idea in my head for a week or two, and I've just been waiting for it to snow again. Thank goodness my parents talked him into going (he hates doing anything for me unless I bribe him in some way) so I got my photos :D I swear, if he wasn't so difficult about spending 10 minutes with me, I'd ask him to take all my photos, but my mac photo booth is much more patient and I don't have to give it Wendys Spicy Chicken Combos to take my picture ;-)

When we had the snowstorm a couple weeks ago I was shocked how many bloggers took photos outside (it's so COLD!!) but now I totally understand why. These are, by far, my favorite photos I've ever posted on my blog. There's something magical about snow. It's so quiet and peaceful. Despite its cool temperatures, just looking at it in these photos makes me sigh and feel all warm inside :)