Sunday, January 9, 2011

sunday funnies

We had to get rid of our newspaper subscription last year thanks to a tighter family budget, and although I liked reading the whole thing, I'll admit the part I missed the most was the Sunday Funnies. So ever since then I've tried to make it a little tradition to find something funny each Sunday morning to start my day off on a happy, silly note. And I thought, as long as I'm doing that already, why not share it here?!

I wanted my first Sunday Funnies feature to be a clip from Friends where they play a new game show called "Bamboozled!" but unfortunately it seems like every. single. Friends clip on youtube has embedding disabled. Because of course, that would only increase views and possibly gain the show more fans.. why would you want that? (ERGH.) Anyway, you can view the clip here. I'd say it's probably my favorite scene from the show, and that's saying something because I have about 8,000 favorite scenes (low ballpark estimate.)

While on the subject of funny scenes from my favorite shows, here's a clip I uploaded this week from The Golden Girls. Blanche is upset because she has to have surgery, so Rose recounts that as a child whenever she was scared or nervous, her mom would sing a lullaby to her that would always make her feel better .. the WWI battle song "Over There." As usual everyone looks at her like she's nuts, but when Blanche is being wheeled into surgery, they all burst out in song. It's hilarious!

And Sunday wouldn't be Sunday without my favorite newspaper comic, Monty!

A recap of this week's online antics:

- I made this video tribute to Dana Andrews
- I re-opened my Flapper Doodle etsy shop
- I bought this amazing black vintage coat
- One of my tumblr photos got 40 reblogs! This is a first.
- I made my first hair tutorial
- I lost quite a few followers on every blog I have, and didn't freak out.
- I discovered lots of Dirk Bogarde films on Netflix instant watch.
- I posted a LOT of unnecessary mustaches on Silents and Talkies.
- I decided my next video tribute will be Gary Cooper.
- I got the nicest comment ever on formspring.
- I discovered the Rock Hudson blog.
- Casey got me hooked on White Collar.
- Got the sweetest comments on one of my posts. You guys ROCK!