Saturday, January 8, 2011

my super lazy sort-of-beehive hair tutorial

I thought I'd share how I do my hair-bump thing today! When I do my hair in the morning, my main requirements are no hairspray and no teasing. When I take my hairdo out before bed, I don't want it to be all knotty and stiff, so I stick to bobby pins (LOTS of bobby pins) and other tools to achieve volume.

My favorite tool is the Puffy Pony. It's intended to make your ponytails more, well, puffy, but I use it to make my super lazy sort-of-beehive that you see in most of my outfit posts. It's *incredibly* easy to do, and I think it ends up looking much more fun than a simple bun or ponytail. Naturally mine didn't come out perfect in the tutorial (I think my hair is camera shy) but you've seen it before in photos so you know what I'm aiming for lol :)

I may have overcome my self-consiousness when it comes to photos of myself, but I'm still weary of sharing my voice so I'm silent in the tutorial, and just have it set to music. (Not quite ready to expose my awful New Jersey accent just yet) Soo here are the instructions (including the step I left out. whoops!)

1. Pull your hair up into a really high ponytail
2. When you're pulling your hair through for the last time, don't finish pulling it through all the way.
3. Pull the ends to puff out the hair
4. Pin back any really large chunks that didn't stay in the ponytail holder
5. Insert the pony puff over the ponytail holder from the backside, and secure it into the hair on the front of your head. (Yes mine is missing a prong.. it still works, but obviously gets a lot of use! lol)
6. Use bobby pins to shape the sort-of-beehive. You can make it really tight and small, or huge and floppy -- it totally depends on the amount of pins you use.
7. I forgot to address the bit of hair that ends up sticking out of the back of your ponytail holder. I usually either wrap it around the front and tuck it under the bun with pins, or I twist it and pin it into the back and cover it with a bow or fancy little hair knick knack :)

Basically I do my hair this way every single day, except for one other sort-of-beehive style that's pretty similar except I don't use the Puffy Pony (I feel so stupid even saying that name..) so maybe if you want I'll do a tutorial for that one too later?