Tuesday, January 4, 2011

can't you hear my heartbeat

dress - modcloth
shirt - old navy
belt - f21
tights - asos
shoes - payless

When I first started doing the outfit posts last year, one of the reasons was to boost my confidence. I thought that getting dressed up, having to photograph myself & edit the photos would put me more at ease with my appearance. It wasn't until last night that I realized it worked.

Yesterday I got my first "you look fat" comment. Last year, it would have made me cry, probably delete all of the outfit photos from my blog and stop doing them FOREVER. Someone in New York last April asked me if I was pregnant when I had on an ill-fitting coat, and I swear I could have burst out crying right in the middle of Brookstone. I put the coat up on ebay as soon as we got home, and wallowed in self pity.

But now, since I've been doing the posts, I really do have more self confidence. When I got that comment last night, my train of thought was more along the lines of "how could anyone actually say that?!" than "omg I'm a cow!" I was much more astonished than I was upset. Because of these posts, I really do have a much better self-image, and a judgmental comment one night is not enough to make me start crash-dieting in the morning.

So, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go have an enormous lunch and enjoy every bite of it. I like my waistline just the way it is. :)

ps. When I was putting on these tights, I stuck my thumb right through the back & put a giant hole in them :'-( So, this is their first and last appearance here. SAD!!