Sunday, January 2, 2011

the first song - january's playlist

For some reason my playlist would not accept the fact that Marianne Faithfull's last name has a "full" at the end. I kept editing it and re-editing it, and each time I saved the playlist, it dropped the "full" again -- from both of her songs, too! It's bizarre. It also keeps calling Bobby Darin simply "Darin." I'm sure there's another computer generated typo that I just haven't picked up on yet...

Well, I hope everyone's having a great new year so far!! Mine has started splendidly. Just some little things ..

- I reorganized my room, and brought my couch back in so it's much more comfy and cozy now! And neat, which is a rarity for me ;-D

- Someone on tumblr taught me how to add gifs to my posts. Previously whenever I tried to add one it would show up as a little empty box, and you had to click on it to see my animation. Used to drive me nuts!

- Millie made me realize that I can rip segments of movies to my computer, instead of always ripping the whole thing. This means I'll be making MANY more tribute videos this year! I used to rip a whole movie, even if I only wanted a two minute clip..

- My breakfast this morning was phenomenal. Eggs, toast with grape jelly, home fries and fake bacon. With grapefruit juice. YUM!

- I made this playlist and I'm having a ball listening to it ;-D