Friday, January 28, 2011

Posh Frock Friday!

dress - Modcloth
shrug - f21
belt - modcloth
shoes - marshalls
crinoline - amazon

This is my absolute favorite dress in the whole wide world! I dressed it up with crinoline and heels here, but with flats, less poofy-ness and sweater tights it looks pretty casual, too! I just adore the gradient print, the colors and the shape! It's a little too big for me, but I'm always afraid that if I try to exchange for another size, by the time they receive my return they'll have sold out of the other size and I'll be totally out of luck. I also have the same dress with the colors reversed - blue on cream - in the next size down, and that one fits like a glove. I like this one better though.. lol.. so it goes!

If you joined in on the Posh Frock Friday fun, you can leave your link below! :D