Friday, January 21, 2011

Posh Frock Friday!

dress - le bomb shop on ebay
belt - old navy
shoes - Marshalls
crinoline - amazon

I was actually planning to wear my black version of this dress today (I have it in green, striped and black) but first I decided to sew the straps. I adore the tie-straps, but it really poses a problem when you want to wear a cardigan over the dress.. creating a weird bumpy shoulder pad. So I decided to just close up the straps and make them normal, non-tie straps. I was so proud of myself, I measured it .. changed the thread in my sewing machine to match the color (yes, I'm that lazy.. I often just use whatever thread is in there) and whipped up two marvelous new straps.

When all was said and done, and I'd cut off my excess fabric (why, oh, why didn't I wait to do this step?!) I realized I'd connected left strap to right strap, and vice versa. I sewed the dress sideways. And it's my favorite dress, too!! When my mom comes home (aka. superwoman) I'm going to plead with her to help me fix it!

At least if it ends up being permanently ruined, I can always dye my green one black. I never wear the green one much anyway! But gee whiz .. me and sewing machines are just a recipe for disaster!!

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