wishlist wednesday

1. Winning Streak dress from Modcloth // $104.99
2. Art print from LoveSugar // $14.00
3. Tan padlock day bag from Miss Selfridge // $56.00
4. Swingtown Sweetie dress from Modcloth // $79.99
5. Qupid knotted slingback wedge from Urbanog // $24.90
6. Duke the 2nd Shoes from Irregular Choice // $89.00
7. Belt with knit lace trim from Forever 21 // $6.80
8. Nude skinny bow belt from Miss Selfridge // $9.72
9. Curved leaf double knuckle ring from Forever 21 // $3.80

edit: I didn't think it was necessary to include this disclaimer at first but since I was kind of accused of stealing this series idea, I want to make sure this is understood. I thought that "wishlist wednesday" was like "music monday" or "gpoyw", where it's SO widespread that everyone just knows right off the bat that you're jumping on a trend. I know tons of blogs that have some variation on this theme, and if you search for "wishlist wednesday" on google, you get over 11 million results!! So, just to clarify -- I did not copy anyone in particular, I was just jumping on the massive wishlist bandwagon. No, it wasn't especially creative. But it also was not stealing.