Wednesday, June 22, 2011

un, deux, trois

remixed item: detachable collar from luminia
outfit 1: dress - modcloth // tights - uo // shoes - h&m
outfit 2: dress - h&m // belt - h&m // shoes - modcloth
outfit 3: dress - ross // belt - old navy // shoes - modcloth

I've been so so so so tired lately I just want to stay curled up in bed all day, like a cat. It got me to thinking... you know how factories are only supposed to be able to emit a certain amount of carbon into the atmosphere, but they can buy carbon credits from other polluters? That way there's only a certain amount of pollution, but it doesn't necessarily have to be dispersed evenly. Well, that's how sleep should be. Some people are "I'll sleep when I'm dead people" .. they should be able to buy awake credits from people like me, and I'll do an extra amount of sleeping for them.

I'm sure this is making absolutely no sense (probably because I'm tired, but also because I'm always coming up with really bizarre science fiction ideas.. they're just usually reserved for my family's ears) but I think it would be kind of brilliant. I think sleeping is a great way to spend time, and I sure as heck enjoy it, so it would be pretty darn awesome if I could sleep for a living. Okay.. I should go take a nap now before I really scare you away ;-D

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