Friday, June 10, 2011

posh frock friday

dress - modcloth
necklace - gift from amber rose
shoes - vintage

Once upon a time, I fell in love with this dress. I voted for it in the Modcloth Be the Buyer program and crossed my fingers that it would be picked for production. I've had it bookmarked for what seems like a year now (probably only a couple months but I was sooo anxious, it just felt longer) and it finally went up for sale this week. I snatched it up immediately and hardly slept until it came in the mail.

To be honest, I'm underwhelmed :( There's only one layer of chiffon-type fabric on the bottom, which is covering (except not really since it's sheer) a polyester (the very bad kind of polyester) pencil skirt underneath. I thought it was going to be all flowy and loose like this one, but instead it's kind of tight on my thighs & hips, and the sheer overlay is too sheer to hide that. The top really is gorgeous though. If I can just figure out how to replace the polyester disaster I'll be a happy camper! :)

You can view my illustrated version of this outfit on my art blog, here! :)

Middle of summer, in your car with the windows down ... what song are you blaring?